Little Good Things of 2021-- gallery!

I didn’t realize our gallery was being populated! Agh! So many awesome LGTs! Love the quilling and the ribbon mobile.


Carrot bunny is so clever! How perfect for spring.
The ribbon mobile is super bright & cheerful.

I received a great package from @mel.
We talked about this knit fungi, she chose beautiful yarns for it. Variegated green for the stem and the cap in a pink that’s now a sort of inside joke between us :smile:
There’s scrumptious smelling tea & a really interesting chocolate bar with raspberries & funky mushrooms, no, seriously, they’re in there! Supposed to be superfoods so I expect superpowers after I eat it, haha.
There’s a recipe for nom sounding oaty bars too, I wanted to make them straight away but we are out of milk. Costco run tomoro, then I’ll bake.

Here’s the mushy with my collection of pincushion jars. Super cute together!

Thanks partner, I love it all!


A knit mushroom! Now that is worth exploring…looks great as part of your funky collection!

Eat the mushroom chocolate and then report back to us…if you start sending out spores, it could be a bad sign…


This gallery is filling up with so much little goodness. I’m amazed at the variety and creativity!

@LuckyXIIICreations that sparkly quilling is so precise and delicate! The hanging ribbon piece is so vibrant! Super pretty and cheerful gifts, and the resin keychains are awesome!

@Whistlefish the heart garland is so sweet and the moth card is simply gorgeous, wow!

@Lynx total spoilage! the carrot and bunny are so quirky and cute!

@mel that knit mushroom is perfect! very cool and fab colours!

I’m just imagining @Magpie with superpowers … turning whole city blocks into rainbow coloured masterboards …


yay!!i’m glad it made it…and if there are actually mushrooms in that chocolate, that is even more fantastic!! i bought it based on the awesome pacakging!!


@thanate and @LadybugsAndBees

I received today a very blue and swirly and kitty goodness!!!

Lots of kitty and circle stickers, so fun. Then an embroidered hoop and a hand painted box!

Finding a spot on my wall for the hoop now. The box is sitting on my small shelf on my desk. :heart_eyes_cat: Thank you so much, I love it all.


That hoop is just so gorgeous!

Fab package! That blue stitching is beautiful @LadybugsAndBees!!


What a bunch of blue-y goodness!

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Beautiful blues!

For real, this chocolate was not chosen exclusively for it’s magical mushroomy ingredients?

That is some kinda spooky random right there!


Beautiful blues! :blue_heart:


Beautiful blue stitching and gorgeous painted box! @LadybugsAndBees!

I received lots of LGT from my dear pal @MightyMitochondria!

This pretty jewel toned infinity scarf, some cool leather earrings, scissor earrings, a cardinal pencil sharpener (how fun!), the scratchboard birdie, snacks and a coffee treat, and my most favorite of all…my very own swoon garden flag with a bird (of course)!

Look at this stitching!

What a treat to be partnered with you! Thank you so much for being such a wonderful friend and swap partner! :heart:


Absolutely stunning garden flag @MightyMitochondria!! The mix of fabrics and your awesome stitches. :heart_eyes:

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I’m so glad you like everything. I always enjoy swapping with you. :heart::heart:


What a gorgeous collection of fabric in that scarf!

Glad you got a birdie prayer flag…it is gorgeous with Rose’s well-known stitching prowess!


Wow, what a thoughtful and generous package!! Beautiful stitching @MightyMitochondria, love the infinity scarf!


lolz…THAT is def some spooky random!! i love it!!

I got this lovely tea wallet from @marionberries, complete with tea and cookies to go with it, and some extra glorious oak leaves. :green_heart::green_heart::green_heart:


Those oak leaves are great :smiley:

@thanate, and it matches your background quilt, too. Enjoy a hot cupps tea.