Little Good Things of 2021-- gallery!

We have a sender, so we have a gallery!

Swap thread is here.

:package: sent (with date)
:gift: received
:speech_balloon: late with communication
:rainbow: finished!


:rainbow: @thanate (2)–> Trillian :package: 3/30 :gift: , marionberries :package: 3/30 :gift:
:rainbow: @MightyMitochondria (1)–> Lynx2Lancer :package: 3/29 :gift:
:rainbow: @Magpie (2)–> mel :package: 4/6 :gift: , Whistlefish :package: 4/5 :gift:
:rainbow: @LuckyXIIICreations (2) --> LadybugsAndBees :package: 3/23 :gift: , Whistlefish :package: 3/23 :gift:
:rainbow: @Immaculata (2) --> Jemimah :package: 4/7 :gift:, megwell :package: 3/31 :gift:
:rainbow: @Abbeeroad (1) --> EriChanHime :package: 3/29 :gift:
:rainbow: @LadybugsAndBees (1) --> LuckyXIIICreations :package: 3/30 :gift:
:rainbow: @marionberries (2) --> jemimah :package: 3/28 :gift: , thanate :package: 3/28 :gift:
:rainbow: @EriChanHime (1) --> Abbeeroad :package: 3/30 :gift:
:rainbow: @Camelama (1) --> Trillian :package: 4/6 :gift:
:rainbow: @Lynx (1) --> MightyMitochondria :package: 3/23 :gift:
:rainbow: @mel (1) --> magpie :package: 3/29 :gift:
:rainbow: @Trillian (2) --> Lilyleaper :package: 3/30 :gift: , thanate :package: 3/30 :gift:
:rainbow: @megwell (1) --> Immaculata :package: 3/30 :gift:
:rainbow: @Whistlefish (2) --> magpie :package: 3/19 :gift: , LuckyXIIICreations :package: 3/19 :gift:
:rainbow: @jemimah (2) --> Immaculata :package: 3/30 :gift: , marionberries :package: 3/30 :gift:


I received an adorable cat package today from @Whistlefish ! “went a little crazy with the cat theme” nope, not possible when it comes to me and cats. You can never have too much cat stuff! Now on to what you all want to see.

A cute note card that had this mewgical cocokitty sticker in it.

Blank note cards and stationary.

And a hand painted and inked kitty! I need to make space on my cat wall for it.

Thank you so much, I love everything. :heart_eyes_cat:


Oh, I am wheezing with laughter over that adorable A-hole cat, bah ha ha! That is KILLER, OMG :joy:


Hehehe! I’m glad you liked everything!! :smile_cat:

My daughter is pretty obsessed with cats and was jealous I didn’t make her a cat painting. Maybe next time, my child! Lol


Yay cute cat painting! I’d put that on my wall. :heart_eyes:

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I love that card! Such a nice swap package!

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That cat painting is fantastic @Whistlefish! Wonderful cat package!!


Sorry, I’m a day or two late posting but I’ve got a wonderful package from @LuckyXIIICreations!

Here’s a picture of everything!

For my little thing, she made me this gorgeous paper quilled flower wall hanging. The little gems on the flowers are so sparkly and I love that it’s mounted on see-through glass. It’s bright and happy all around! I think it’s home will be in my basement craft room where all things bright and sparkly go to make it seem less basement-y. I think I’ll hang it near my little window down there so it’ll catch the sparkles. It’s so lovely and bright, thank you!!

So sparkly that the moment I was photographing it, my three year old zoomed over to me and was amazed by it. :laughing:

As an extra she send me a resin (I think?) 8 bit heart keychain. I’m the proud new owner of a used minivan so this can adorn my new keys to my cool ride. :sunglasses:

But wait…that’s not all! Some paper stickers and goodies as well! Some bee-themed little bits and bobs, Victorian stickers (I have this book too!!), and a beautiful bookmark.

Thank you so much @LuckyXIIICreations! :heart:


I’ve never seen anything like that little quilled piece! It is beautiful…and sparkly…

And what fun stickers…I can see them being used in our current happy mail stuff! (ahem…I like bees…:wink: )


I like bees too! Lol. That quilled project is beautiful & so clever.

& I just realized I posted my parcel in the wrong thread, oops. Copying here:

My tumultuous work day was remedied by this sweet and thoughtful parcel of goodies from @Whistlefish, thank you so much for all the goodies, WOW!

The felt rainbow heart garland is going right up in my basement studio space, it needs some cheering up down here and this is just the ticket.
The beautiful moth card contained a removable greeting so I can actually send it as mail if I want. If I want… I will have to think long and hard on who might deserve such a beautiful treasure more than I’d like to keep it for myself!
There is a sweet watercolour Easter egg ATC which I’ll take a close up shot of and share in that swap gallery. And also a stack of really nice hand made cards with so many pretty papers. I’m only sharing the top one so it will be a surprise if I should send some out as happy mail :wink:

PS the lovely moth card is going to my littlest sister in BC, I know she is going to cherish it.


Lol! I never even noticed it was in the wrong gallery. :laughing:

Hope your sister likes the card! :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:


Hey–so we got to see it twice…nothing wrong with that! lol

I love the colorful heart bunting…

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I am glad that you like everything! My 6yo niece also really loved the sparkles I added too. I wasn’t sure if it was too much or not but went with it. I’m glad that I did. And yes, the heart is resin. I saw that mold and being the gamer that I am, I had to get it. :smile:


I received the most lovely package from @Lynx today! First, this adorable Easter carrot! My immediate thought was that it is ridiculous in the best way possible. The big, lumpy carrot is hilarious and fantastic. :grin:

Then I unsnapped the carrot to find this cute little bunny, jelly beans, lip balm, lovely smelling lotion, and an Easter notepad!

Finally, I opened this AMAZING package of handmade cards featuring Lynx2Lancer’s bird photography. Friends, these are so beautiful! I am not a paper crafter, so I feel bad when I send lame Dollar General cards in my swap packages. Now I have this treasury of lovely bird cards that I can send to all of you!

Thank you, Lynx2Lancer. I love everything. :heart:


ha ha ha The mystery of the orange yarn revealed! How clever is that carrot?


I had so much fun crafting for you and I thought you’d enjoy some of my “Operation Use Up Yarn.” I had started working on it I think before we were partnered, and then decided that I absolutely must send this project to you!

I’m so glad that you loved your package. I went just a wee bit overboard. I was going to send something else, too, but sadly it wouldn’t fit in that crazy silly carrot!

@aimr Well, that orange couldn’t only be pumpkin bears!


Oh wow I love the sparkly quilled flowers!!


I received from the talented @LuckyXIIICreations! As you can see from the photos, she made a GORGEOUS piece of art using ribbons, beads and some fancy yarn! It’s made to be hung up from your ceiling or that sort. She also included a very unique keyring (pixelated heart), and some stickers, which are now on the cover of my laptop! I saved the tissue paper and the little envelope-nothing went to waste!

I mailed out @LuckyXIIICreations package today and it’s supposed to get to her by Thursday…I can’t wait for her to get it-I think she’ll love it!

And…@Lynx, I love the carrot/bunny idea!


Playing catch-up as usual.

@Whistlefish, that cat’s face :laughing:. So innocent. And that moth card is beautiful.
@LuckyXIIICreations, your quilling is amazing; that’s a cool way to mount it. The chandeliery thing is pretty cool, too.
@Lynx, awesome cards as usual! That carrot is charming.


I am glad that you like it. I wish the ribbons didn’t block the beads so much but I couldn’t get them to cooperate.

I look forward to receiving yours!