Little Miss Sparkles

Hi you crafty bunch!

I’ve been busy this week, I made a crazy disco top :grinning_face_with_smiling_eyes:


I mean I had to, I bought that fabric a while back but wasn’t entirely sure what to do with it, and then when I saw that pattern it just seemed perfect. Downfall is I don’t really have anywhere to wear it, I don’t think hubby’s work are doing a Xmas party again this year, so I guess I’ll just have to wear it out walking the dog!! :dog2:

I’m not sure if it’s just the angle Mr Loops took his photos at but I’m rather pleased at how flattering it is, and also how weirdly long and slim my legs look, if I didn’t know that I’m too lazy to photoshop my photos then I’d assume it had been doctored, haaaaaaa. :rofl:

Aaaanyways, so this was the first time I’ve done a Full Bust Adjustment on a pattern (other than when I kinda mangled a bra pattern to make it work for me) because whilst it doesn’t necessarily look like it my bust is ridiculous, and whilst it did literally make me cry for several hours (this may in part be because I was still recovering from several days of Stomach Flu tho) I’m really pleased with how it came out. I haven’t bothered with FBA’s before on knit patterns (and I really only ever do stretch tops because of the bazookas) cos I figured they’d just stretch to shape kinda, but it does fit much better having done it so I may well do it again in future, hopefully without the tears next time tho.

And obligatory Rosie shots (somewhat less flattering of me tho!), because she’s adorable! Oh and whilst I do have spare fabric leftover, I’m defo not making Rosie a t-shirt out of it this time because I’m certain it will having her barking at the reflections on the wall that it’ll make, like a crazy dog! I have a black cardigan with sequins on that I’ve worn in the car with her before and she goes insane at all the sparkles it makes on the ceiling :joy:

:boom: I used this hologram stretch fabric from Minerva (defo my current fave fabric store) and the Sweep top pattern [affiliate link] by George and Ginger

Hope you like! :woman_supervillain:
Loops xx


This is gorgeous! The sparkles are so happy, I feel you must find any excuse to wear it!

Maybe you can make some hot pants or a mini skirt to go with. You’d be a full on disco ball then.

Love it!


@Renstar - I know right, I have to say I’m tempted to buy more so I can make a nice flarey skirt to go with it (I’m not sure I can pull off a mini skirt anymore :wink: ), though it looks like they’re sold out of that colour since I last looked. Will defo keep it in my wishlist for when they get more in tho!!

@Cyn-energy - The fabric really feels lovely and soft too so it does beg to be worn!! It’s defo going to be my go-to top for any Xmas get togethers (and frankly get togethers any time of the year as sparkles aren’t just for Xmas!)


I disagree, with your confidence you can pull off anything :smiley:

But a flarey skirt would also be great and swoooshy


What a fun sparkly top…and you look marvelous in it!

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Sparkles!! My inner 12-year-old is in love with that fabric, & your pattern adjustment looks great from the finished side of things.

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You look fabulous! :sparkles:

PS - Loving your space in these indoor photos!

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It is beautiful and festive and it looks great on you!
And you always have the most amazing photo shoots!

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Love it! Sparkle on!!!


That pattern is perfect for that fabric and you look darling in it! I keep postponing trying an FBA, but this and another project on here have me more eager to give it a try in the new year.

I am deeply disappointed that Rosie will not have a matching shirt, but a dog has to live her life and not be constrained by strangers’ expectations!


You look fabulous in that shirt! I agree with others, wear it everywhere. Someone might need a pick me up and this would do that.

@Renstar - Aaaah I wish, my self-confidence is getting better tho, I used to cover up a lot more and wear mostly black but not anymore! I am rather an enigma. I’m agoraphobic and anxious but pretty hyper around my friends, I love to make/wear bright colourful/patterned/sparkly clothing but because I’m socially anxious I don’t like to stand out when I do get out of the house, buuuut the colourful clothing makes me happy so it wins out!!

@Abbeeroad @madebyBeaG - Aww thanking you so much, our new house is just perfect for photo shoots, especially the conservatory, our old house was soooo small and dark and crammed full of stuff I really couldn’t do indoor photos, but it’s so light and airy here!! :heart_eyes:

@loves2experiment @thanate @kittykill - SPARKLE-TASTIC!!!