Lloyd's Beets

OK, I hated beets for most of my life - then a couple of weeks ago, Jim brought home a jar from our friend Lloyd - and they were delicious! I even found myself liking the smell and taste of boiled beets - something I loathed before. Just like tuna - which I hated, and started to love a few years ago, my tastes have changed again. Maybe this will mean that one day I will like papaya?

Anyways, Lloyd gave me the recipe - I think it was his mother’s, and beets were on sale last week, so I bought 10 lbs of them and made a few jars of my own last week. Now I have to wait two more weeks before I can have some more!

Posting on my blog with his recipe and my expanded directions


We will have beets in our garden soon, thanks for sharing!

This is a very simple recipe and Jim (and I) liked them because they were more sweet than sour, and had a very clean, crisp taste to them. The earthiness of the beets shined through as well, and there was no bitterness - maybe because the cinnamon stick was removed?

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Just read your blog post and one tip - if you twist the leaves off, rather than cutting them, they don’t bleed the colour as much, water still colourful, just not as much.
Although if you want to dye, you might want them to bleed more. Humm, maybe twist the tops off some but cut 1 or 2 to get colour?

Good to know! Though next time, if I manage to get the beets on sale again, I may try to get more colour so I can dye some cloth and paper.


I love beets in any form. Always the next day I have a panicky moment in the washroom however when I’ve forgotten I had them & think something’s gone terribly wrong with my health :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


those look really good, I too have realized my tastes have been changing and now like beets and Brussels sprouts. I might just have to make some as well. :smiley:

I am a beet lover! Thanks for sharing!

Nothing like 6 cups of sugar to make beets taste great! :laughing: Thanks for the recipe, I have lots of winter beets to use up!