Log Cabin Ornament

I picked @marionberries for the Ongoing Holiday Ornament Swap … she loves cats and little houses just like I do!

I made this ornament strictly from stash and trash…the base is cardboard and old greeting cards. The roof is popsicle sticks…everything else was a little of this and a little of that…throw on some fake snow and shimmery glitter (sorry!), and you have a little house!!

Nicer pictures here: Ongoing Ornament Swap 2020 Discussion and Gallery


I love this so much! It is the sweetest.

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Awwww! What a sweet little kitty cabin!

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So sweet and cozy! I’m going to have to add little houses to my wishlist for next year!


If there were a prize for cute kitty cabins, this would win hands…er, paws-down!


I just love the look of that glittery snow

I love the shiny stuff on Christmas ornaments! This kitty cabin is adorable!

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So sweet :heart: It’s a little treasure. Meowy Christmas, Linda!

What a cozy winter scene!

Very cute!

awwww so cute!