Logo for "How to Adult" book series

I’m working on a book series called “How to Adult.” I’ve just finished the first book in the series; it’s called “Kitchen Basics.”

The idea of the series is to help anyone who needs a little help getting started with all the things we need to do to get on as adults, including setting up a kitchen, doing laundry, etc., etc.

I wanted to have a logo for the series so that it can be re-used for each installment.

I’m doing this whole thing on a very low self-publishing budget (e.g. I’ve got no funds for this, lol)

So I’m doing everything from beginning to end, which I wouldn’t recommend anyone wanting to truly have a career as a writer do, but for now I’m doing these things mostly for fun.

I’ve decide to hand-bind the first edition to gift to my children, and we’ll be using them for our home economics classes (we’re homeschoolers).

Anyway, here’s the logo. For now I’m just using it as is. Once I’m ready to publish the spiralbound, paperback, and hard-cover versions, I may look into digitizing it.

I made the logo with Sharpie (permanent black markers), then took a photo and used a free online service, Remove Background from Image for Free – remove.bg, to remove the paper background so the back of the logo was transparent. Here’s the final version:

Version before removing background:

And the intial sketch. I decided to change the elements around the number and letters to simplify the logo and to make it easier to cut it out of cardstock, if I eventually decide to put my Cricut introductory classes to good use, lol.


What a big project! Not only the many steps to publishing (my hubz has had a few books published, so I can relate to all the steps usually done by others) but the subject matter.


Yep; it’s a big project! I’m just really happy I at least got one of the volumes out before year’s end! The “official” versions will likely wait 'til the new year, but at least my kiddos have their copies now :slight_smile:


I like the concept of your books and I think having a recognizable logo that spans the series is a good one!


Really clever logo, and the whole project is cool, too.


Fun logo and i love the theme of the book. I know i could use some lessons and i am well, well into my adult years. Ha!

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