LOTR coasters

I made these for @jillybeans in the Summer OWS. She’s got a nerdy heart, like me, so I wanted to make her something nerdy AND useful. I hope these fit the bill for her!


These look great. I love metallic, so you hit me where I am weak. Ha!

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Ha! That’s funny!

Thank you! :blush:

Very cool! What are they made out of?

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cool, do please share techniques! Are they absorbent or waterproof?

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These turned out so coooool! I, too, am very curious about what they’re made from.

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Thanks, guys! My husband very kindly purchased for me some acrylic disks that were 4 inches in diameter. He bought them on Amazon. I used my silhouette to cut the images in black vinyl and center them on my disc. Then I applied gold vinyl behind the images to make the background. And backed it all with felt. Of course, there was some protective film that had to be removed from the discs as well and I waited until the last minute to remove that so as to avoid things like glue and fingerprints…


Those are so cool!

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These are so much fun!

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Thank you!!!