Lucille Pinball

Meet Lucille Pinball.

In honor of International Games Month, my library makerspace had a pinball machine competition. They provided kits, and we competed for assembly speed and design. I was the only solo team (#Tiltin’Berle), and I ran out of time to decorate to the standard I would’ve liked, but hey – it is the best pinball machine I’ve ever made.

Some more photos:

Thanks for looking!

P.S.: Just in case no one outside my family remembers The Pants That Ate Fred Mertz


What a great theme for your project! Looks like a lot of fun!

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This is hilarious! What a neat project.

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That looks like a fun kit, and sounds like a fun event, too. Love your theme!

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How cool! Love the theme and construction! And it’s very inspiring you left your house and went to the event. :upside_down_face::joy: I’m going to see what our library has going on in their maker space!

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I like your team name too!

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Thanks, everybody!

Trying to do more of that :laughing:

Thanks! Partial credit to my dad, who suggested Tilton Berle. We all rolled our eyes, but when I realized I could recast it as Tiltin’, I couldn’t resist the pun. Lucille Pinball was actually one of the other team name frontrunners, along with Pin-Manuel Miranda.

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This is so fun!! I bet it was a blast to make. Your LC friends were on your team in spirit!


Fantastic! Loving all the puns! It looks like you had a great time!

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:tada: :dizzy: Congratulations! This spectacular project is featured this week! :dizzy: :tada:

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I love everything about this: the pinball itself, the fact that your library celebrates International Games Month, and that they provided materials to come up with something this cool :heart: You did a great job with it!

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Whoop whoop! Thank you!