Luna Moth Mixed Media on canvas (mostly acrylic)

I was inspired by @curiousfae’s moth theme to make a luna moth ATC… And then I felt like painting a larger version.

This is mostly acrylic, but the stars are alcohol marker, and the moth details were done with gel pen.

This will be my first ever entry into the local fall fair.

I’m debating whether I want to add a silver crescent moon (with alcohol marker, same one I used for the stars) behind the moth. I can always repaint the black background over it if iI don’t like it. Not sure though.


Very cool!

I don’t think it needs a moon, but you could cut one out of paper to try out size and location.


Really cool! I had one visit my garage a few weeks ago!

I think if you add a moon it would unbalance your work, so I’d leave it as is. If you wanted to fill in the black more, you could sprinkle a few larger stars around instead.


Aren’t they beautiful??

I agree with you about the larger stars instead of the moon.

Although I just hung it on the wall and I’m liking the way it looks, so I may just leave it. I’ll sleep on it anyway.


The moth is beautiful!

Instead of a moon, I would suggest maybe taking a dry brush and giving some of the stars some “twinkle”…it will give your art work more depth.

Star background tips

Same technique using brush

Since you have already painted your moth, you will have to cover it up if you try these…You might want to practice for next time and just leave this one alone. The moth is the main focus anyway!

How great that you are going to enter it into a fair!


I like the idea of giving the stars some twinkle. I’m not familiar with how to use a dry brush. The stars were made with alcohol marker; would the technique still work? Also, how do you do it?

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Oh, i just saw the link; thank you! I’ll watch after dinner :slight_smile:


How exciting!

I love @steiconi’s idea of cutting out a moon to see how it would look, if you are still considering the idea. I like it just as it is!

@Lynx, how cool you’ve seen that moth! Don’t think I’ve ever seen one.

Have fun at the fair!


Very pretty. I agree, no moon. It would throw off the symmetry. Are you sure it was alcohol matkers you used for the stars? They dont cover over black. Was it a paint pen? You could practice almost flicking the pen to get the lines.


It was a metallic silver Sharpie, which is made from alcohol-based ink. Is that the same as an alcohol marker?

Definitely not a paint pen though. Just a permanent marker in metallic silver. It’s actually the cheaper version of a Sharpie; same marker, different brand:

Not sure if it matters for answering about the type of marker, but the black paint was completely dry before I added the stars.


I love metallic sharpies!

I think they don’t translate well in pictures, so maybe your stars already twinkle! :grin:


Lovely work!


I was thinking of a traditional alcohol ink markers. Those are different. I didn’t realize those were alcohol based too. Either way, I would practive pulling the marker up while you “swoosh” to make twinkles before you do it on your art so you don’t mess it up. Its too sweet to ruin. You could also, perhaps add a touch of glittery paint pen to the stars to make they shimmer, but I think they are fine as they are!


“swoosh”…a term most of us really understand…ha ha :rofl: :hearts:


I’m dropping off the painting at the fair grounds tonight! Eeeeeek! Wish me luck :slight_smile:

I’m also entering a photograph.

Kids are entering various categories, too.


How exciting!!!

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Good luck! Let us know how it goes!

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