Mad Hatter Centerpiece/Box

I’ve been infatuated with this project since I first spotted it on the Dreaming Tree website, so I made it today. Just in time for some spring/Easter decorating!

It was a pretty complex project with many mats to cut. It was pretty fun and challenging just to pick the mix and match patterned paper.


It’s also a box!

Delia is always interested in new things around the house, but I think she might be lobbying for getting a crazy top hat of her own!*


*Delia would never want to wear a hat!


This is all sorts of amazing, and it came out beautifully. Did it take days to sort out the paper? That’s the worst part for me!

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OMG YES. It always takes ages to pick papers for bigger projects. And this one, well most of the papers were not from stash. And we don’t have stores with selections of open stock printed cardstock even when shopping is fine and dandy, so they had to be purchased online. So lots of toggling back and forth between pages and hoping this coordinated in real life like they seemed to on screen.


This is so bright and cheerful!

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This is all kinds of cool! Your color/paper selection is beautiful

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Thanks, friends!

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This is so fun and cheerful!

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Thank you!

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Congrats! Your awesome centerpiece is one of this week’s featured projects!

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WHA!? Well, thanks! :tophat: :rabbit:

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Congrats on the Feature!


Cuteness overload! Congrats on being a featured project!

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All the different papers and patterns work so well together!

Also I vote yes for more hatwear for Delia!

Thanks everyone!