Madam Marion Fortunes - Halloween Décor Entry 2022

I love our church’s Trunk or Treat, everyone gets into the Spirit and the kids love it. The high school kids do a Haunted Hallway inside for even more fun.
This year Madam Marion came to visit and told fortunes and gave out treats. The candles, sign, and crystal ball were conjoured up and everything else came out of magic craft room and closet. Jewelry was courtesy of my mom.
It’s hard these days not to fall into the cultural appropriation pitfall. I get it. So voodoo was out, gypsy was out, (I even retired my Day of the Dead display from T or T rotation). So this year I did Crazy White Hippy Lady. I checked all the cultural boxes on that one!


You look fantastic and I love your sign!!!

I think the whole trunk looks amazing, and your costume is great!

The costume was straight out of my closet and craft room. I threw it together last minute! I guess the old hippie never leaves you. Wish I could fit into my old elephant low-rider bell bottoms. ( I was 18 and 118 lbs. Ah wasted youth.)


Marion you look fab! You can tell my fortune anytime

Looks like so much fun!

That is great, and I love the “I’ll just be a hippie white-lady fortune teller” thought process. :purple_heart:

WOW! This looks great! And so do you! I love all the details and how you really turned your trunk into a complete vignette.

You look awesome! I bet the kids had a great time!

This (and you) looks like so much fun!

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