Magnets from my embroidery masterboard

I made these from my embroidery masterboard. I wrapped fabric around beer caps and glued magnets on the back.


I love how these look designed to me even though I know the base was more abstract. The bottom right one looks like a tiny person running.

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How cool are these? Super cool!

Oh my gosh! It does look like a runner. :rofl:

Ok, I need some of these for my magnet collection. I feel like we need to swap some of these for more merit badges maybe?

You read my mind! As I was making these I thought they needed to join your magnet collection! I’ll PM you.

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What a terrific idea! I love that you made something useful of your nifty little stitchy work.

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Perfect way to display that beautiful work!!

Very cool!

Love this so much!

Wow, these are really colorful and creative!! I love the versatility of magnets!