Embroidered Inchies Tutorial

I made embroidered inchies for a few swaps and a few people asked how I make them, so here is a tutorial.

Here are some of my previous creations:
Embroidered Inchies #1
Embroidered Inchies #2

STEP 1: Choose a background fabric. I found this burlap-type fabric at a thrift store. Choose coordinating fabric scraps and tear into tiny strips. Pin some of the strips onto the fabric in a vaguely parallel. Then weave the remaining strips through the ones that are already pinned to the fabric. Then tack the strips down with a few stitches.

STEP 2: Use a ruler to draw a grid across your fabric. 1" for inchies and 2" for twinchies. I made inchies for my previous projects because they were for a swap. This piece is for my personal use and I have some ideas for using larger pieces. For the sake of the tutorial, I drew a 2" grid on part of the fabric and left the rest to be stitched freestyle. My previous inchies turned out neater and more orderly than these bigger twinchies.

STEP 3: Choose a square and start stitching! This is your chance to experiment with interesting colors, textures, and embroidery stitches. Sometimes I make each square its own unique “art piece” and sometimes I just stitch right across the lines.

STEP 4: Trim loose/long threads. Coat each side with 1-2 generous layers of MATTE Mod Podge. MATTE works best!! My first two projects (links above) were made with matte Mod Podge. I ran out of matte and my husband bought me a bottle of gloss for this project. I’m not happy with the sheen at all. Don’t be like me! Don’t use the gloss!


STEP 5: Once your project is dry you can cut it up into squares. I carefully cut the inchies for my partners so they would be perfectly square. I’m keeping these for myself and the projects I have in mind don’t needs to be perfectly straight, which is why the squares are so sad looking.

STEP 6: Use them! They are great for ATC’s and collage. I plan to use them in textile jewelry, magnets, and embellishing TM patches and merit badges. I’m treating this project like paper crafters use a masterboard. I’ll chop it for lots of bits and bobs. I am really happy with the wide variety of stitches and colors I used. It’s too bad that the gloss looks so ugly, but I will find plenty of uses for this project, anyway.


These are fascinating.

If you hit it with a matte sealant spray or something, that should cut down the shine from the gloss. :slight_smile:

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Thank you for the tip. I will definitely try it!


Wow, so much detail goes into making these beauties. Thanks for the awesome tutorial.

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Yay!!! I’m so glad you did a tutorial!! These are amazing. I love mine so much. Full of delicious color and texture!! :heart_eyes:


Great tutorial! And your inchies and twin hues are fantastic!!!

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So much detail and effort put into those tiny gems!

I love your free style embroidery method…just one tiny inch would add a lot to many projects…I was wondering how you kept the stitches from falling apart…

Thanks for sharing.


Awesome tutorial! Love it so much :heart:

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These are a thrill to look at! Thanks for the tute!

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you are HILARIOUS my friend!! I would still be like you, even all shiny, and glossy!!!

Thank you so much for the tutorial!! So much work!!

I had no idea you glued the front and back. I need to think on the things, now.

:four_leaf_clover: :metal: :shamrock:


Thank you for the tutorial :smiley:

I did a fabric masterboard in a completely different way, its great to get ideas for different techniques.

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I would love to see your master board! Did you post it on LC?


I did. I’ll find the link for you

Here you go


Thay net curtain is a BRILLIANT idea! I love it. Thanks for sharing. :heart:


Thank you for sharing yours as well :smiley:

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-Eye candy! Beautiful!
-Love the tutorial, seems so easy to follow.
-Now I have another thing I want to try!
-Thank you for the warning not to use gloss Modge Podge. I would have used it because that is the one I have, but I see how it really does not work.

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Wow! So much texture.

This is utterly fascinating!

Amazing colors and textures in your work! I love looking at this process :smiley:

This is almost like Masterboards, it can look so interesting as a whole but then cut up it goes from that to WOW! Amazing.