Make a Bag and Fill It Gallery

Please post your awesome swap packages in this thread. :purple_heart:


I am first to receive!

I got a beautiful, hand-embroidered bag from @jemimah today, and lots of extras!

I was blown away by this package; even the shipping box was amazing.

The bag is beautiful, and so perfect for me! I love the fabric and the pop of warm colors/fun florals on the front and inside. I had asked for a bag I could wear at my elbow, and this one is just right.

Don’t know if you can tell from the photos, but the bag has a very interesting structure. The handle goes all the way around, and there are darts that give the bag an eye-catching shape. She said she adapted the pattern from one by Yoko Saito.

And then she filled the bag with so many cool things!
Look at all the hand-made items that coordinate with the bag interior. (Not to mention that these are my favorite colors!)

There is a tissue holder, a floral notepad cover, a tassel keychain, and a so-cheery mug rug. I will use every single one of these things so much; they are exactly the kind of things I usually carry around with me. (Or use at home, in the case of the mug rug.)

But wait, there’s more! She also sent a set of six handmade cards. Can’t wait to use them! Love the vintage vibe of the collages; so many interesting elements and arranged so artistically.

She also made the collage card that accompanied the package (LOVE the message!), as well as a bookmark and an ATC. And she threw in some little inspirational cards that I love so much.

Thank you SO much, @jemimah! You really spoiled me. I love everything!


Yay!! I’m so happy you like your package!

The box is fun isn’t it? Australia Post often has different prints by Australian First Nations artists. I try to pick up one or two when I see tham, they make the mail extra happy :smile:

The bag was a lot of fun to make! I’ll post some more details about it in its own thread. I really like Yoko Saito patterns - they’re challenging, but such amazing shapes and designs. Thanks for giving me the excuse/motivation to make one :smile:


What an awesome package!

The bag shape is indeed really cool!! I love the hand embroidery :purple_heart:


That bag is incredible! I love the embroidery on the front. It is so neat and makes the bag so original. The shape is awesome.
This entire package is amazing! I’ll be back to gush more when I’m on a computer.


Take a look a the A-MA-ZING parcel I received from @endymion today!! Everything is exactly my taste and so thoughtful, I love it all!!

The bag is so cool! and super sturdy and well-constructed. It’s got outside pockets and an inner zipped pocket too. The fabric and colour choices are perfect too :smile:

I love to use a small, secure crossbody bag for expeditions, and this one is ideal - I know I’ll be using it lots! Oh, and I realise I didn’t get a pic of the awesome lining - the interior fabric is a Starry Night print, so I can carry some inspiration with me wherever I go :heart: :art:
(I’ll try to get a pic tomorrow when it’s brighter again.)

@endymion filled it with art supplies too - different coloured sketchbooks, gel pens, and spray bottles, exactly the sorts of things I enjoy using, so perfect!

As if that wasn’t enough, she also sent a gorgeous hoard of crafty goodness as well! There’s a fantastic zine (inspired!), a cute ATC, an adorable crochet cherry mini-art, and a cool card (made by @Bunny1kenobi)!

She also sent a whole bunch of her fabulous metal pieces :heart: There’s inspiring words, the sweetest fridge magnets, and a hanging bird that I absolutely adore! And the most amazing earrings too - the bits are interchangeable, so I can customise them, too fabulous!!

Thank you so much my friend, this is an absolutely beautiful package :smile: I feel very lucky, and I will love seeing and using the gorgeous things you made!!


Wow! @endymion! That package is incredible! The purse is amazing. I got supplies for a clutch that has the front zipper like that — just trying to find the time to make it. I love the fabrics you chose! Did you wrap the front zipper pull? I have never seen that done. It’s so neat. Yes, I want to see more of this bag! All your extras were amazing. Phenomenal!


So happy you like your package, @jemimah! It was a lot of fun to make.

Yes, @gozer, I crocheted around the zipper pulls. They looked too stark beforehand and seemed to detract from the fabric, so I tried to make them less eye-catching by making them darker.


Wowza! :heart_eyes: I would have been squeeing as I opened that!


Another awesome bag with goodies for our gallery! I’m excited for you to post pics of the interior lining. :purple_heart:

So many goodies too! I think @endymion really hit the nail on the head. Great purse and great package! :tada:


I was squeeing!! It’s currently early morning here, I’m trying to decide on which of the awesome earrings to wear today :smile:


I got a fabulous package from @Manders today!
Love, love, love! Behold the coolness:

I had asked for cool, arty bags and this fulfills that wish!

I love the shape of it, and check out the hand embroidery and beading:

There is a fun tassel and the colorful strap is absolutely swoon-worthy! She said she made the strap detachable so I could change it if I wanted… but why in the world would I want to? (It may be my favorite part!)

The interior has a variety of pockets and slots, and the cheeriest yellow polka dots.

And the fun doesn’t stop there, because @Manders stuffed the bag full of little surprises.

There are cool patches, cheery daisies, a couple of amazing pendants and a whole roll of necklace chain. But I think my favorite things are the trio of adorable bunnies and a package of yellow polka dot bias tape.

Thanks SO much @Manders! You and @jemimah both really spoiled me!


Yay! I’m so happy you like the bag and goodies! I had originally planned to make some of the inside goodies, but was already late. Lol.

It was fun, but also, maddening to make this for you! It really tested my skills. I’m going to brag about the artsy swag bag. :wink:


That’s beautiful @Manders, gorgeous work!! And such perfect treasures for endy too - those bunnies! that polka dot bias tape!


Ok, so I was not prepared for @endymion’s awesome package! I also had a fairy godmother. :purple_heart:
I loved all the goodies and I was blown away by the bag itself!
All the awesome together:

Endymion says the bag can also be converted to a backpack!

I love the dragon painted on the bag! The colors go really well with the bag. (The bag is also the RIGHT purple!) :grin:

I’d also like to shout out a thank you to my fairy godmother @MistressJennie :purple_heart: Thank you for the D&D books, burp pads, minky material and ribbons, and wood ring, and the almost complete minky toy. (Endymion stitched it up. :blush:) She also loaned Endymion the pattern book for the lovely crochet dragon. :purple_heart:

I really love the fabric! I’ve been eyeing it for a quite awhile! (Spoonflower right?) Endymion even did the cut and sew dragons that I eyeballed too! It has a crinkle thingy inside.

Changing pad with dragon fabric! This will be really helpful! It’s also adorable! (Cute dragon fabric is hard to find!)

There’s a cute little pouch with a handy clip on it. I think it will be great to hold some pacifiers.
The crochet dragon is pretty epic! It will go on Abigail’s shelf until she’s old enough to play with it safely.

Thank you so much @endymion for being my partner. I love everything. I can really see the time and care you took for this bag, it’s beautiful. :purple_heart:


Wow! That package is EPIC! Oh my goodness! And you did two?! Insane. That bag is blowing my mind. Your little dragon painted on it is adorable. All the extras are cute too. Thank you @MistressJennie for helping out! Everything is incredible!


Isn’t it? I’m still blown away!


I’m so glad you like the bag! There were some tense moments when I wasn’t sure it would ever come together right. I’m very thankful that @MistressJennie had so many resources and so much helpful advice.


Oh my goodness @endymion, your bag came out so amazing! It’s absolutely EPIC.

@Manders, I’m so glad the extras I had could find a great home. I bought the D&D books for my husband while I was pregnant, but my mom had forgotten that, and so bought another set for us for Christmas this year. And yes, the dragon fabric came from Spoonflower. I used it to make Loveys for Ada. I started snuggling her with one while nursing the day she was born, and now she loves them, and won’t go to sleep without one. The fabric designer also designed the dragon pillow sets. I had to contact her with a question about the cut & sew dragon pillows (see my post), and she was just the nicest person. The little purple dragon you got, is actually the picture next to the directions on the cut & sew panel! It was just intended to be decoration in dead space on the fabric, but I couldn’t resist doing something with them.

And OMG, I can’t believe your little one’s name will be Abigail! :joy: We had been through many miscarriages, and so we didn’t want to pick names while we were pregnant. (Just felt like we might jinx it.) When I told my husband that the doctor’s office called to say we were going to have a girl, without missing a beat, he declared “Well then, Abigail Godzilla’s rampage of Nashville will begin in April”. To my stunned silence he explained that Godzilla was the perfect middle name for any child and that the G in the middle of Abigail would set off the G in Godzilla particularly well. So we started calling her Abigail Godzilla, or Godzilla for short. :t_rex: :joy:

All the best to you and little Abigail!


@endymion I really do love the bag. :purple_heart: It’s so impressive that you made it without a pattern!

@MistressJennie definitely a happy home with us. My husband is a DM for D&D and he definitely appreciated the books. I also enjoy D&D, but the rules often confuse me. I like the role playing aspect the most.
Did you both end up going with the name Abigail? Because that’s awesome! :grin:

Thank you both so much. :purple_heart: