Mama Kitty Cat Cave. New larger version

I made a baby kitten size kitty cave and mama cat tried to fit but just couldn’t.
So, I made her a bigger one with a different pattern. It’s bigger than I anticipated but it fits mama and babies just fine right now. Babies are two weeks old today.
Still figuring out the best way to construct these things on a home machine, but its sturdy! I do love the fusible foam. And I am proud of myself figuring out what size oval needed for the base. The pattern had no base, it was open on the bottom. I calculated almost perfect, just a little easing in of the top.
The little kitty cave link is below.


Awesome! Looks like they love it!

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The purr-fect match to the first one! Mama seems to be enjoying it.

Cozy cat cave! I’ve never worked with fusible foam. Is it easy to use?

Yes it is easy. I was surprised. I’ve seen videos where it is used to make bags. Once it’s fused to the fabric it’s very stable and easy to sew through.

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Awesome! It’s the perfect place for a family snuggle.

So perfect for kitty family!

Awww, that picture of them all inside in a cuddle puddle says it all about how great this project is!

Look at that cute lil face! A cozy home indeed.

Congrats on getting the bottom size right! The house is so cozy and sweet. Mama looks adorable and appreciative of it.

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I want to hide in that kitty cave! It looks so cozy.

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Awwwwww. I can just imagine mama trying to do the “If I fits I sits” math with the smaller igloo and not being sure how the kittens integrated into the formula. They look quite content in their new cave.

What a perfect solution! Mama. No babies look content.