Mandalorian Birthday Card

I made a birthday card to give to my son for his birthday :birthday: . His party was on May 4th, so…

I made the picture with markers. The shiny parts are metallic permanent markers.

Because the markers bleed through the cardstock, I added some construction paper on the inside to make it look nicer, and I added a silver border.

I’ll add the message once the glue is dry :slight_smile:


I love the not-perfect silver lines on the inside. Homemade at it’s bestest.


Just awesome!

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Awesome card! I love that you made Mando’s helmet all shiny

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Great card that’s sure to be a hit with your kiddo!

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That is amazing! I like the metallic touches. Very cool!

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Your son is going to love it!

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Thank you for the kind words, everyone!

@Tee, yes, I wanted the lines to be wavy on the inside :heart:

@Manders, thank you! I really enjoy using the metallic markers.

He loved it :heart:

Excellent job! He will love it!!

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