Mantis Shrimp Embroidery


For the Challenge chain, for fun and to get us out of our corona slump, I took on @Lynx2Lancer’s challenge of Weird Animals. I was hoping to get it done within a week, but it ended up taking about a month because life got in the way. As it often does!

I found the pattern on Etsy and traced it onto a piece of white fabric that ended up being too stretchy. So, I found a piece of white, woven fabric, but couldn’t get a clean trace that showed all of the details. So, I ordered up some Sticky Sulky Solvy and printed it out (I added in the text before I did- that wasn’t on the original pattern). I rummaged through my mom’s fabric stash and found this watery-looking blue batik that was pretty perfect!

Besides the black and ecru, I only had 1 of the exact colors the pattern called for (I dug through my sister’s bag of floss, too), so I used the closest colors I could find. For red-orange, I actually used a strand of red, and a strand of a rust-colored floss. I don’t think it looks that different from the designer’s sample.

Eventually, I’ll put it in a hoop and (as soon as I get organized) make it a part of my hoopla wall!


That turned out so fantastic!

Thanks! It was a fun challenge to work on. I forget how meditative embroidery can be.

I like the shrimp is in different colors and that is a pretty perfect fabric choice.

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I like the fabric you stitched on. He is just hanging out in the ocean.


Wonderful stitching. You captured all his details perfectly!

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Thank you! I guess it was meant to be after the 2 failures on the white fabric!

This is gorgeous! Great job. I love mantis shrimp!

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