Mason Jar Shaker Cards

My MIL is visiting for an early Thanksgiving this weekend. She’s crafty and has been fasciated by the things I have made with my Cricut. So when I got an email from Lori Whitlock advertising these files, I snapped them up for use to make.

We each made two mason jar shakers and then mounted them on card blanks. These two are hers.


And these two are mine.


We stamped sentiments on the inside.

The only non-stash item was some plastic for the front of the shakers. My stash of saved cello bags had previously been busted. :upside_down_face:

We both had a lot of fun and she’s really excited to give her cards. :smiling_face:


Those cards are super cute! How fun to have a crafty buddy in the family. :blush:

Thanks! This is the first time I’d made shaker cards and I’ve already come up with an idea for making my thank you notes with these files this year!


This sounds like a fun way to spend time together! I love the customability of these and can definitely see lots of possibilities! I really like your blue Buffalo plaid card!

You mentioned your mother in law in another thread recently. The context that you mentioned her in had me thinking that she’s a quilter. If that’s the case, I love that she went with a quilty theme for one of her cards!


wow, these look fantastic!
and what a fun project for you & your MIL to do together

These are extremely cute! How fun you make both cards and memories with your MIL!

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Thanks, friends!

And yes, @AudiobookLover that’s is exactly what happened. She mentioned wanting to make a friend of hers a birthday card. I asked what things her friend liked, because I probably had paper that would work and got out the ones I thought might inspire her. That quilt-print was definitely purchased with me making something for my MIL in mind!


These are really cute cards! I adore shakers and haven’t yet myself attempted to make any. How difficult was it to make the shaker? Thank you for sharing! :grinning:

Thanks! It was really easy. The svg cuts about 8 ovals that you glue together to make the space for the doodads. Glue the clear material to the back of the jar, then the stack of ovals to that, fill with stuff, then glue an oval over the back.


So nice and funny cards !

These are really fun. I love that quilt paper, especially. LOVE that you did this with your MIL! :heart:

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Those are such cute cards! It’s so fun to be able to craft with someone too. Especially a MIL! I wish I could do the same with mine but she’s not really into that stuff.

Very cute cards, and sounds like a lot of fun, too.

Ahhh. I’ve always wondered what was used to provide the space for shaky stuff. Which, by the way, you seem to have quite a variety of! I like the swirled candies in your striped card.