Masterboards & Happy Mail (May ATCs)

For the May round of the Ongoing ATC Swap, I set myself the challenge of really using some of the masterboards I had from the last Craftster masterboard swap (so since, ahem, nearly two years ago) and some of the goodies I’ve been getting from the lovely folks in the Happy Mail Craftalong.

First up: a twofer for @roler. This one was for her multimedia theme. The background is from a masterboard by @Smmarrt and the starry strips from one by @anna.wahnsinn; the ticket sticker came from @bluebird.

This one was for her Shakespearean insults theme; the background is from a masterboard by @Reinikka.

This one was for @Lynx2Lancer’s “funny things to see wearing a mask” theme. The background is another masterboard by anna.wahnsinn; the planet sticker also came from bluebird, and the paper for the astronaut’s mask came from @Magpie. (The other mask paper was from stash. What can I say; I know my audience :bird:.)

I realize astronauts probably aren’t connected to their spaceships by curly phone-cord tethers, but artistic liberty. Thanks to Laura for the photo because I totally forgot to take one in my haste to get it ready to mail.

I didn’t really make a significant dent in my masterboard/happy mail stashes, but I still feel like I met my goal. Thanks for looking (/contributing, in many cases)!


These are great! I love seeing pieces of the masterboards I’ve made as they become someone elses art :heart: So thanks for tagging me! I still have plenty of masterboards from that swap… but they are harder for me to part with than my own :sweat_smile:

But back to you! - I’m really drawn in to the other-worldly feel of the first ATC and I love the Shakespeare insult you chose. On the mask card I didn’t realize at first that the planet is wearing a mask :joy: I don’t know how I missed it the first time! lol

These are all great fun :heart:

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How fun that these have pieces of so many awesome crafters in them!

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I love that these were made from assembling pieces from various makers and then sent on to other makers!

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Thanks, everyone!