May Flowers Trio ~ Set of Cards

For May’s theme in the Happy Mail Craftalong I decided to play with watercolors :slight_smile: I am 100% a beginner but decided to try my hand at an actual watercolor picture (instead of a masterboard/background). So here they are…

I painted a bunch of flowers in sets of three then added colored dots all around. I chose the best ones and used markers to draw the stamen details (and I’m going to pretend I didn’t have to look up “flower anatomy” for that fact… ok, I did look it up… you caught me…). Then I cut them apart and trimmed them to size. I gave them a “frame” but it didn’t feel finished so I used some masterboard pieces to make “tape”.


And the lot of them (I think 14? …13?)

Bonus fact! the masterboard tape was made from an envelope I received in the craftalong :wink:

And this set was just the beginning… I encouraged myself to try another set using watercolors and stamps :slight_smile:

Thanks for looking :slight_smile:


Love the choice to use primary colours. Did you dab each tiny dot with a paintbrush? Wow. That’s dedication to the technique!


Another super charming set of cards by you!

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Love these! They are so bright and colorful!

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Super pretty! And so much work! Wow!

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They are so cheerful!

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They are beautiful and happy!
I love how you framed the watercolors and used masterboard cuts for ‘tape’.

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Watercolor is hard! I have tried and failed many times. Looks like you got the hang of it right away.


Thank you all for your kind comments :heart: I know these flowers are nowhere near some of the other talent on LC but I wanted to try anyway :slight_smile:

Ummmmm, yes… and felt like I was going cross eyed doing it! But it was also a little meditative :blush: