Meal Prepalong


Are you …

  • learning how to meal prep?

  • interested in planning and prepping your meals ahead of time?

  • wanting to buy only what you need at the grocery store?

  • using the food you have in the house so nothing goes to waste?

  • saving time during the busy work week for crafting?

Then this is the craftalong for you!

Each week, we’ll post and chat about what we do to prepare, food-wise, for the week ahead. All are welcome!


Theoretically this would be great as I occasionally think about it trying it, but I hate to cook and am terrible at follow through. I’ve bookmarked it and maybe I’ll get some inspiration.

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For breakfasts, I usually make an egg casserole, slice it up, and wrap it in a tortilla for breakfasts. This makes mornings SO. MUCH. EASIER, not mention cheaper.

For the “casserole”, I use 5-6 eggs, whisk them together, add bits of turkey sausage, and top with a little bit of cheese. Put in a small glass dish, cook in my air fryer/toaster oven, and call it a day. Nothing fancy at all.

Not sure what I’ll do for lunches for next week yet, though!


Welcome, @Lynx! I hope you do find some inspiration. :smiley:

YES! I’m sort of good at planning and doing it a week or two, but then stuff gets in the way and I forget how to do things it seem like, but now that I’m soon out of a job I plan to do this way more, and continue once i have found a new job :smiley:

@imera, good for you! And I was not doing it either in December. I ate out way too much - neither my wallet nor my waistline are happy with me at the moment. :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:

I hope this will help keep me on track!

I don’t eat out much, hate to pay when I can make it myself, sometimes even better :stuck_out_tongue: but I hate the stress of having to worry about dinner and so on daily

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I do something very similar except I don’t use a tortilla. I just eat it out of a bowl. Makes mornings so much easier. I grab a bowl and eat when I get to work.

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With my mind failing more and more, my meal preps are pretty simple and sometimes I’ll plan ahead for a whole month.

  1. Make a batch of noodles, then freeze them in small baggies for two servings (note: I eat a heck of a lot, so probably 4 servings) to feed me and the wife.
  2. I’ve started buying pre-frozen veggies, and freezing up some fresh veggies.
  3. Cube and fry chicken and beef, freeze them and use what I need throughout the month.
  4. Throw away anything that’s been in the freezer too long. Yick, yuckie, spew.

If I could, I’d make roux and have that for the sauces I make, but I can’t find clarified butter, so I just stick with Great Value brand butter as it seems to last the longest and it’s really not that bad for the cost. (I have too many problems trying to make pasta by hand, so I always have a trove of store bought pasta on hand. Macaroni, penne, linguini, angelhair, and bowties.

Plus, I cut up my hamburger into 1/2 pounds and freeze them that way, so I can just grab what I need.

O_o, now I think about it, there’s a butload I do to prep throughout the week/month…I’ll have to see if my addled brain will let me write it all down.


do you put the casserole in the freezer?

I’m in! I was starting to do a pantry challenge because my pantry and freezer are out of control but the holidays messed that up. Definitely need to get back to meal prepping!

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I just made approximately 60 breakfast burritos today. That should feed my herd for a while…at least I hope so.

@Lynx I feel you. I also hate cooking, but teenagers are EXPENSIVE to feed! :rofl:


Omg, my 5’10", 15.5 yo nephew just spent 2 nights at my house… he ate so much, I was absolutely shocked. :rofl:


I love this! I always cook the same things over and over again and then get bored with them.


No - it’s in a small pan (maybe 4x8), so I just keep it in the fridge all week, eating one slice a day! I’m going to try to put in more veggies this week, I think.


Oh wow! I’ve tried the frozen burritos, but the tortillas always got crunchy. How do you remedy that?

This breakfast casserole is one of my favorites. I cut the recipe in half and add a can of black beans and it gives me breakfast for 4 days. I work from home on fridays so I don’t really need to prep ahead for that day.


The burritos sometimes get a little crunchy when the kids microwave them, but they don’t complain. I scramble a huge pile of eggs then mix in cheese and ham or sausage. Then I spoon them into tortillas, wrap individually, and freeze. I dunno…my cooking isn’t great and my kids have pretty low culinary standards. :laughing:

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@geekgirl - that looks SO GOOD. And I think I have all of the ingredients. Thank you!

@MightyMitochondria - Ha! If kids don’t complain, I’d say you’re a great chef! :smiley:

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We had food sensitivity testing & so many items are off the list, at least for a while. We need to meal-plan or we end up hungry with not a lot of options. @Onyxnox linked me to some good allergy cooking sites I’ll check out this week, wish me luck!