Meet Emma, the bean bag Unipony

After I finished my son’s giant snake I still had loads of foam flakes leftover.

So his little sister benefited from it and got this:

It was a great stash buster and is filled with fabric scraps and foam flakes. I didn’t need to buy a single thing for this one.

BTW the Horn is attached with velcro and at the Moment she’s just a little fat pony

My daughter loves her and her brothers like her too

Here’s the pattern I used.


AWWWWWW I love the rocking horse feel of her

This is so darling!

So cute! Little hearts on the tushie, even!

So amazing! <3

I really like variegated the look of the mane/tail. Is it just strips of the striped fabric used for the hearts?

Oh, my girls would have just flipped for this when they were little! What a great stashbuster! I like the idea of the detachable horn. Emma the unipony is a winner!

That is so cool! Rocking horse vibe but for comfort! Love the stashbusting too :heart:

The hearts where my daughter’s idea.
She just learned drawing hearts a couple of days before I made the pony.


Yes, the hearts, the horn, mane and tail are all made from the same fabric.
I originally planed using it for a fleece jacket for my daughter but when I looked through my stash it was the one that matched the denim of the pony best.


Unipony is just perfect
I’m going to change the title

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You must have the most amazing stash. Color me jealous and super curious. LOL! This is so cool. Again, you win the Coolest Mom on the Block award!

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Congrats! Emma is one of this week’s featured projects. Way to go!

Simply magical!

Thank you so much!
I’m totally thrilled that both of my giant studies made it to the featured projects.