Meet Stella Stegasaurus

She’s green and adorably sweet, even with tail spikes to tickle you with.
Stella is number three in the annual birthday dinosaur extravaganza. She will be 5 in January and still loves her some dinosaur joy.
This little stuffie was a journey. I made the Choly Knight Brontasaurus last year, and it was awesome! The pattern also has a stegasaurus, but I wanted a less complicated pattern this year.
I tried to modify the Choly Knight T-Rex pattern I used two years ago, but it didn’t work. So I searched their patterns and found the dragon. Just the body I needed. I humped the back and added the back plates and spikes. I had already made the head (slight modification, I narrowed the snout). But the head was too big. SO i unstuffed, re-stitched a 1/4 inch in, trimmed and re-stuffed…perfect. I really made more work for myself, but I love the result.


They are all so adorable! Love those dimples.

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Omg I squeaked when I saw all of them! And so did my kids lol so now I have an idea to what to make them for Christmas ! THANK YoU! And outstanding Job!

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They all look so ready to cuddle! ADORABLE!!!

Love her!

So sweet!

I’m in love! This is so cute. They’re all adorable, but Stella has stolen my heart. That squishy belly and the fun stitching are so great!

Fabulous job on all three of them, but the rainbow spikes on Stella are just the best!

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they are so cute :slight_smile:

So freakin’ cute! The colours, the dimples, they are so perfect!

Ack! Those rainbow spikes!!! Great job modifying the pattern. I never would have guessed!

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Stella looks like a perfect companion for the others. SO cute! The little heart, the sweet stitching, those adorable oversized spikes… What a cutie!

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I thought I adored her, then I saw the booty shot and it was pure love! She is so cute. The little heart and the fancy stitches on the chest are perfect. And those plates and spikes are the bees knees!

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These are so adorable!! gorgeous work!

:sparkles: :thread: :scissors: Congratulations! Your adorable Stella Stegasaurus is a Featured Project this week! :scissors: :thread: :sparkles:

She will be so proud!


These are so cute !! I NEEED THEM !!!

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She is adorable!! I love the fun detail of the stitch design around the belly and the variation of hues in all the fabric really adds to the personality of this dino!

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Check out Choly Knight There are lots of free patterns here or

Most patterns are sooooo cute and many are very easy. There’s just something right about these creatures, proportions, eyes, cuteness, something.

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Stella is my favorite but these are ALL adorable! I’m a grown woman but I want a Stella!!! :grin: