Mega paper destash

I’ve had piles and piles of various paper scraps that I was going to do something with “some day,” lying around for far too many days (more like years…)

“Some day” has come. It’s been a rough few… whatevers and I just needed to start something and finish it on the same day. So we took the day off school and I did this.

First, I gathered my tools and a giant cup of tea…

And then I got to work.

Greeting cards of all shapes and sizes, gift tags, inchies, twinchies, trinchies, bookmarks, and “adornments” for the cards, all ready for all the projects





Gift tags


Greeting cards of all shapes and sizes (including miniature)

Who said cards have to be rectangular?

All organized

And placed in my decorated box

And the leftovers I cut up and put in this box. I will use them to attempt making recycled paper.


Wowzers! This is huge - just think how happy Future You will be, when starting a new project!


Yes; I am so happy I just took the day to get it done. Kids didn’t complain about having a full day to play, either. One of the beauties of homeschooling… we don’t take PA days or a March break, so we get to take days off when we feel like it :slight_smile:


Looks like it was a fun day of papercrafting!

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Good for you for taking a day off, my boys never minded when we skipped school.


Huge endeavor. I bet it feels great to have it done!

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