Mid-century Typewriter Gift Box

When my cousin saw this version of the typewriter gift box that Delia and I made for TheMisterT for Father’s Day, she asked if she could “order” one for her husband who is also a writer.

I didn’t want to do the exact same one, because I wanted TheMisterT’s to be especially special and it’s more fun to switch it up! So I went on a hunt for appropriate papers and happened to find very similar papers in a different colorway. WOO!


In order to minimize the chance of damage during shipping, I left the “document” unattached and included adhesive dots & directions for her to put it together. A nice thing about this is that now she and their kids can sign it easily. YEY!

I used my Cricut Explore to cut the files which are from the A Good Day at the Office Kit from SVGCuts.com. The sentiment is heat embossed.


So cool! I really like the little handles on the side. Totally old school!

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Very cool!

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Thanks, friends! Let’s all put a wish out there that it arrives undamaged!

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That’s real cute and pretty, a great gift box

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This is beautiful!

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Thanks, pals!

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My mind is always boggled when you post these up. I would have glue everywhere and things crooked. Yours are always so precise and amazing. stellar work!

Gorgeous. I am always amazed at people who can do paper crafting so well!

THANKS, y’all!

I must say that success with these for me is greatly increased by the great video tutorials that come with many of the svg files!

Love this card! Great details.