Typewriter Gift Box for Father's Day

Delia has gotten a head start on Father’s Day for her beloved Papa.

The activity of writing manuscripts is referred to as “typing” so I was excited when I found the project files for this on svgcut.com. Over time, I had picked up the papers with him in mind, but not necessarily for this project.


The files include a liner piece in the bottom so clean up the look as well add strength and I was stoked to find a typewriter image in on of the pads in my stash! Just just wish I’d cut it “upside down” so more of it showed through the opening, but… whatevs!



Woot! It’s so elaborate, it’s amazing to consider that it’s just paper. Wow. And it’s only the BOX!

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Thank you!

Hehe! In this case, the box might be the best part of the gift! Delia doesn’t get super elaborate for Mother’s or Father’s Day.

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Whoa! This is crazy rad!

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Wow! I love this! Delia has mad skills, just like her Mama! :wink:

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Very impressive! My husband is lucky if his gift gets boxed and wrapped… He’d probably keel over if I gave him something as awesome as this!

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So freakin cute!

Thanks so much!