Mighty Mountains

I purchased this beautiful mountain landscape social-artwork tracing painting from my friend @thewateringcan (she wants to be active, but has had some trouble logging in. She may have forgotten her password. Not sure. Anywho.) who recently purchased her lifelong dream of owning an art studio.

These are fun in group classes, but such a genius way to support her business while in this crazy situation.

I chose 2 canvas designs to paint. The pattern was traced and I was given the paint and detailed instructions.

This one is for me because I love mountains and they are hard to paint, so I was excited and a bit nervous to try it. Luckily, it turned out gorgeous! I am anxious to try this technique on my own now for more mountains! I have hung it in my dining room and it makes me smile!

It’s 16" by 20."


How great that you took a virtual art class and supported your friend! I especially like the way the colors blend in the sky.

It was fun! It wasn’t a class though. I had directions on paper and just followed them myself. I try to support small business, especially now!

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Very nice. I like the hints of pink.

so pretty!

What a great idea and a lovely piece of artwork in the end.

The sky is lovely!!