Mighty Mountains and Rosy-Throated Grosbeak re-created

I had some left-over acrylic paint from my social-artworking projects from a few weeks ago, and a few 4x6 flat canvases around, so I decided to do a little painting and re-create a couple things!

First, I recreated this 16x20 Mighty Mountains but rotated it from vertical to horizontal.

Then, I re-created this awesome rosy-throated grosbeak that @bluebird created for me in a personal atc swap.

I think these re-creations turned out swell.


Fun! I don’t think I’ve ever tried to duplicate something I’ve painted before. It sounds like it might be a little challenging! You must be enjoying painting if you are looking for works to replicate.

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They both turned out wonderful! :blush: :art: :paintbrush:

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I wanted to try the mountains again because mountains are hard. The 16x20 piece was traced out with detailed instructions, so I used that knowledge, and it turned out awesome!

@bluebird, thanks!! I’m missing the grosbeaks. I haven’t seen them lately.


I really like these! They are so bright and colorful.

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