Mini Ceramic Ghosts

I made these wee little ghosts as extras for @Myruka in the Light It Up Swap. :ghost: :mushroom: :partying_face:

One has a fork because I made her a little forest house with a pie on the window sill. :laughing: Or, it can also present itself as a pitchfork, if he wants to be a feisty devil for Halloween… :smile:

I actually started out with five, but the finish on one didn’t quite match the fun vibe of the other friends (crackle Raku), so I kept him home with me. :laughing: Here are some in progress photos.

Lil’ goobers all hanging out at home.

Quarter for size reference.


They are adorable! The mushroom hat guy is my fave but they are all ridiculously cute!

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Oh my gosh, whattttt. They’re so adorable!!!

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These lil spooky duderz are so cute!

These are the cutest darn ghosties ever! So fun and wonderful.

So cutesy wootsy!

These are so darling. Thank you for also including the wip pics too!

They’re all so cute!

At first I was like “awwww”. As you progressed and added the hats, I was LMAO then the house appeared. I was gho gho gone!

Cute!! But why are there no pictures of the raku one? :grin:

OMG I love these little guys! So cute

SO CUTE! Do they have little indents on the underneath? In one photo, it looked like you had one on your finger like a little ghost gumdrop.

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So dang cute! I love them all! I second the vote for a pic of the raku one!

I saw mini but didn’t really think mini Til the pic with the quarters.

Like teeny ghosty thimbles.

Love them.

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Crushingly adorable! :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:

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These are so cute ans so tiny! You did a phenomenal job painting them. I love the one in the party hat. Too funny!

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So super cute!