Mini Color in the Box Gallery

Post your colorful goodies here!


I received from @Abbeeroad. So much wonderful shades of pink!!! I love it! I think one of my favorite things is that even though there were size constraints, the little gifts are amazing!!! Thank you so much!!!


I also received from @Myrthena. I really love the spots of pinks against the darker background. I can’t wait to wear my scarf!!! It is so whimsical. The bag has so much room! Thank you so much for all the fun stuff.


Yay! I’m glad you like everything! Pink is not a color I gravitate to, so it was really fun to play with it for this swap.

That pom-pom jewelry from @Myrthena is so fun!

Yeah that’s a lot of pink. Are those watermelon things , earrings?
I love this parcel

Glad you like
I have to confess that when i was finished and red your questionnaire again i saw i missed the line with your colors. I had made everything in shades of white and blue. Luckily i have a lot of stuff to fall upon

They are cooling eye pads, lol. kittykill mentioned “bath pampering stuff” so I sent some local soap, fun lip balm, and eye pads. :smile:


As soon as I saw all the pink, I knew who had received! :grin:

Love the little art work and the notebook in pink…also, bunting in pink!

The scarf looks so fun with the happy fabric flowers. I can see you rocking the pompom and tassels jewelry!

Great start to a favorite swap miniaturized!

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I received from @Dooney and I am impressed by how much she crammed into the box.

Such a great swap package!


So first off, candy. Candy is always good. I have eaten the chocolates; my child is currently consuming the nerd gummy cluster. Oh and a paint pen in the best color ever.

The little bracelet! You can also see some fabric that was doubling as wrapping paper in the background.

This awesome jewelry pouch!

It opens up accordion style! By the way, all sorts of goodies were crammed into it. It was like Mary Poppins bag!

A host of stickers and patches; these were all stashed in the pouch. My child has stolen some already. I also love the little pocket watch pendant.

A tiny little book!

This amazing stump work Luna Moth. Like Wow! The wings lift up and it’s an iron on. I’ll have to think carefully about how to use it.

The little plague doctor who I adore. His little hat is trimmed in teal and we match with our teal/black color combo.


What a cool color combo! I love that accordion wallet…what a fun way to hide more goodies!


Wow. That Luna moth is incredible!!!


My package from @Bunny1kenobi!

Here’s what I saw when I opened the box–pink!

Here is the sparkly card she sent

Almost all of these are eaten :yum:

Cute lil cards with hearts! Hearts on things are awesome. They come with mini envelopes! They’re almost 2in squares

And even more cards! I’ll be able to use these for cute greetings in the mail. You really can’t have enough blank cards, and my stock is running low

There is a ToDo list with a pink three -eyed cat! The back of the top part is a magnet so I can put it anywhere. I’ve been collecting these mystical cats mostly in artwork form. The eyes are mesmerizing

She sent laminated bookmarks! The flamingo one is super-sized-- excellent for graphic novels and craft books :laughing:

Beads and buttons and cabochons galore! I almost don’t want to break up the party. I think I have a small glass jar that would look adorable with all this in it.

Speaking of jars…

… inside is a miniature tea set

and an adorable donut! Look at how tiny!

There is also this fabric which was wrapped around


She made the majority of it

Including this teensy tassel on the key in the drawer. She said the tin came from @Smmarrt and the trim came from @madebyBeaG

She said it “might” scratch my Halloween itch

I can have it out in my pink corner of my main craft desk!

I’m so giddy! Thank you, @Bunny1kenobi!
I’m working super hard on yours!

Also, I totally forgot about Nerds candy and they were a delight to eat. It reminded me of being a kid.


What a completely fabulous box packed with amazing crafts. Your miniatures are stunning @Bunny1kenobi!

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I’m so glad you like everything @irid3sc3nt !

@Tapestry thank you! I enjoy making them. :blush:


I love the miniature tin with the stand! Such a clever thing to add to make displaying it so nice!

You sure curated some lovely pink items in the tin…and that flamingo bookmark is fabulous. I do love your cards as well…such a nice variety !

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The miniature good witch scene is adorable! :heart_eyes:

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I received a wonderful black and white themed box from @kittykill!! Check out all the goodies:

I especially LOVE this embroidery! The dangly bits on the side are so cool.

How funny is this little tissue box:

The woven potholders are so fun and useful! They are nice and thick. Close up of my fave pattern:

Some super fun extras and a friendship bracelet that I might have to hide from my son:

Embroidered hanky close up!

And last but not least an awesome set of notecards! I especially love the flowers:

Thank you so much @kittykill - I love it all! :black_heart:


Yeah! I’m so glad you like everything. It was fun crafting and putting everything together. That is the first time in probably 40 years I made a friendship bracelet. It was so relaxing and fun to do!

@Bunny1kenobi how in the world did you fit all that in a small box? WOW! I love that good witch cabinet.


Thanks! Apparently I’m better at Tetris than I thought…. Lol!

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I got the most tealicious package today from @Rlynn!
Those little treats are delicious little Korean cookies. Two of my kids nabbed some before the pic.
There’s a pack of mini note cards (for use in future swaps no doubt).
Some super awesome peacock stickers that will go on my craft cart & laptop
She sent some catnip sardines for my kitties. They are much appreciated, but I only get blurs when I try to photograph them in use. Look at their lil X eyes :blush: Bill Purry will leave the one he’s playing with to steal one from one of his sisters. Little stinker.
445725792_1088911468841086_2775008446073299889_n 445782515_978748897119803_3098103355700985597_n
Kitty cross stitch!
And the absolute cutest little standing bird! When I saw it, I gasped. I showed my 15yo, he gasped. Showed my 13yo, he gasped. He told me to tell my swap partner it’s really adorable.
The feets! :heart_eyes:
Already in place on my shelf.
Thank you so much, Robin! So glad we got to swap!