Mini Handmade Book Swap - March 2021 GALLERY

Another amazing journal…just love the beautiful stitching and the mix of fabrics…

I recognize both the red paper and the clay button… :slight_smile: what a fabulous way (again) to re-circulate the crafting love!


How marvelous! I would forever be touching all that texture. Really gorgeous work, wow.

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And so fun that other LC’ers added to the story.


Crazy day today at my end…and wow! The gallery has exploded with a bunch of new pics!

@thanate That piano hinge binding looks fascinating! I’m adding it to my list of things to try with handmade books :slight_smile:

@geekgirl Your ATCs and ATC book are amazing. So many vivid colors and textures!

@marionberries So glad you’re pleased with your book…it was fun putting everything together!


That is an excellent cover!


Completely missed the gallery :flushed: Such an amazing variety of mini books already

@loves2experiment from @marionberries - such a beautiful journal, the cover is stunning and such a lovely mix of papers inside. Can’t wait to see how you made that cover :slight_smile:

@thanate from @geekgirl - loving all the gorgeous ATCs

@geekgirl from @thanate - that binding is amazing, definitely going to have to try that one in the future

@marionberries from @loves2experiment - wow, that cover and love all the history elements


My parcel arrived from @Smmarrt today and I am feeling very spoilt! Not one, not two, but three mini books, and all so gorgeous

First up, everything together -

The pens are so lovely to write with :smiley:

The first book - the cover is like paper patchwork and it makes me smile so much

Lots of different papers inside

It is difficult to pick any favourites, as they are all so different, but these three caught my eye as I was flicking through. I think I am going to use this to write down quotes that I love!

Then there are these two - I think one is a paper bag cover and one is a cardboard cup sleeve cover - @Smmarrt are you able to confirm please?

And the first page in the ‘spread your wings’ book is this beauty

Thank you for everything, I love it all


Wowza…what a lovely trio of mini books! They’re all fabulous :slight_smile:


those are lovely!


Ohhh, those are delicious! What lovely books, such scrumptious covers & pages!


Riches. A nice trio of mini books. You can take one with you everywhere! I love the papers and the quotes.


Yes, paper bags and coffee sleeve. Glad they arrived quickly. And happy that they are well received.

And I like the idea of a quote book - I’m going to do that also in one of my books.


Omg. Best. Gallery. Ever. I am drooling over all of these gorgeous books!

And speaking of drooling, I received this bit of gorgeousness from Reinikka. I adore it keep picking it up just to hold it and squish it. (It has a very pleasant squish to it — I love Teesha Moore style everything.)

Thank you so much, Reinikka! This was a lovely swap! :heart:


Such texture and color! Love that the pages include some of her masterboard art work!

So tactile and beautiful @SonjaBoo @Reinikka, the fabrics and patches, and the Gelli prints and ephemera are so fun. Beautiful. Now to go sit on a bench in the sun surrounded by spring flowers and journal!

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@Reinikka what an amazing book! Love the beautiful cover and colorful gelli print pages :slight_smile:

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I received two mini books and a bunch of extra goodies from @SonjaBoo :grin:

All together:

This little book is full of so much to look at! I am loving it!!! :heart:

Some inside pages of both books:

The smaller book has so many sewn-in elements and is a perfect mixed media stand alone book that is perfect just the way it is! And the more rectangular book has more white space so I could add to it if I want to but it’s also great on it’s own so I might not :wink: If I do anything extra to it it will be something simple like writing down my favorite quotes or cute things my kid says :slight_smile:

Thank you @SonjaBoo :kissing_heart:


@SonjaBoo Fantastic mini books! They look stuffed to the gills with interesting papers :slight_smile:

Super pretty! I like the idea of using a special book for kid quotes, I wrote down a few over the years and they are precious.

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@SonjaBoo, that is such a fun scrappy set of journals. Those papers, what fun!