Mini Handmade Book Swap - March 2021 GALLERY

Holy macaroni, get ready for a super duper over the top eyeful of BOOK! @seeuudee went over the top of the top with this package of goodness.
It came in this adorably embellished box that I just love and a wee felt birdie as an extra, as if the book isn’t EVERYTHING already.

Each page has a different sort of craft along with some groovy explanation of it including examples and history. What an enormous about of work and just plain old pure love went into this effort, wow.

I adore weaving and confess I spent some time fondling this page, lol.

Super cute sunny flower in a pot on speckled back ground.

Inchies, whaaaattt? How cool!

But wait, what is this? A book inside a book? Get outta here!

Every page has a dear little watercolour painting of flowers, this is such a treasure all on it’s own.

Blossoms and bees, are you picking up on a theme here?

Macrame. Wow.

Crochet with button centres.

A purple painted bloom.

Whoa, wooooowwwww. This stumpwork sun flower is amazeballs! And Frennnccchhh knots!

Ribbon embroidery.

A bit about patchwork because…

…the cover is beautiful bits of fabric, beads and buttons.

It might say Mini Book Of Crafts but it might as well be Mighty Book Of Crafts since it’s stuffed full of so much incredible work.

Thank you so much, partner, you truly outdid yourself with this glorious sampler. Amazing.


wow…not only is the book beautifully done, it truly shows the diversity of crafts that @seeuudee is able to do!!! Just amazing…the stump work is truly impressive, but, all of the pages are just prime examples…it is like having a book of projects!


Wowee. @seeuudee, the mini book of crafts is super!!!

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I am so glad you like it, I was a little worried, as it is a little different, but I had so much fun with it.

The flower theme started by accident and then I felt it had to continue - I had to cheat slightly with the weaving page though :joy: My attempt at weaving a flower into the design went very badly!!

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Speechless. Wow. What an amazing book.

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Holy moly guacamole! This is is freaking amazing!!! And so much work went into this. Oh. My. Goodness. You’re so lucky to have this! I’d page through it every night just because. :heart_eyes::heart_eyes::heart_eyes:


@seeuudee, Wow, just Wow.

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Thank you all for your kind words, there may have been a little hesitation about actually sending it :grin:

It will stay safely inside the book but if I could temporarily remove that sunflower to wear it around, I would!


YAY! My book from @Magpie finally arrived but I am tired tonight and I promise to post pics in the morning.

Thanks all!


I am the lucky recipient of @Magpie ‘s house-shaped book. She claims she’s not an illustrator but I love these sketches/drawings. Take a look!

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And lots of extra goodies

I don’t have the adequate vocabulary to express how much I love this book - the artistry, the concept, and the execution. I feel overwhelmed by this and I thank you so much, Tisha.


And thanks to all of you who participated- you made lovely books and poured your hearts and souls into the projects. Thank you all.

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What a unique mini book! I love the simple line drawings…each room is illustrated by use…and the attic…

I know - that’s where the craft room goes!

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Wow, that is lovely, I love the detailed simplicity of the line drawings

I am so happy you’re pleased! I had other scrappy concepts but nothing seemed to gel until the house idea, then my stash magically coughed up the perfectly shaped chip boards I used for the covers. Imagine that, I forgot I even had those. I think they’re from Asheville so extra special. I got my mom to play the music, it’s just made up so it sounds funny. If I can figure out how to share a sound file I’ll post a link.

The rest of that stuff was meant for Happy Mail, seemed like a good idea to send it all together.

Thanks for organizing this, I really enjoyed the crafting & watching this glorious gallery unfold.

Oh, & there isn’t a craft room because clearly a tidy person lives there :smile:


“Oh, & there isn’t a craft room because clearly a tidy person lives there”

Wait until I move in!


Do it! Bring some delightful messy life to that tidy home! Lol


@Magpie What a delightful concept for a handmade book! Your illustrations are wonderful :slight_smile:

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