Mini Handmade Book Swap - March 2021 GALLERY

Post your goodies here!

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Yay, i love it when a gallery opens!


Yaaas! I received a fabulous mini book from @marionberries this afternoon :slight_smile: Everything about it is perfect for me…the faux leather cover, the awesome mix of papers, bits and bobs tucked in pockets, and the wonderful journal prompts scattered throughout the book. marionberries let on that the cover is made with kraft paper, glycerin and inks. Hopefully, she will share how she did it in a proper project post (because I would love to learn more about the process) :slight_smile:
Check it out!

The End!
@marionberries, thanks so much for taking the time to make something super for me!


It is wonderful! I love that she put some prompts in there as well! I do hope a separate post will be done…it appears to have a few signatures…and the cover is kraft paper? wow…

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Right? It totally feels like leatherette…I need to learn how it’s done :slight_smile:

Gah, I forgot to mention that it’s actually made like a traveler’s notebook…so I can switch out the booklets within the cover. It’s really perfect for me!


Way cool! Awesome start to our gallery :smile:


It was fun to create, the prompts were fun, but sparse, I didn’t want to cramp your style :upside_down_face:.

And I will post about the “leatherette” cover. Lots of digging through stash and messes made. And the cover was soaked, crumpled, ironed, dyed, painted, and stitched. And it survived.


A great start! Yay! Mini books!

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Oh my gosh, that is so wonderful! What an amazing finish on that paper, amazing.

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My book from @geekgirl came yesterday, and it is not only super cute, but was full of enough fun extras so start an etsy shop! :laughing:


so much to see! Love all of the little pieces of art stuck in the book…and the cover of the book is amazing!


wow that book is amazing. Love that cover. and I have kraft paper, glycerin, and inks!


I got my book from @thanate

Instead of a cover it has a cute little box to sit in. (Jack Daniels is perfect for me! :laughing: )

I am in love with this binding!!!

So many little pockets and tuck spaces and cool ephemera.


that binding… :open_mouth:

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The ATC collection book is a cool idea.
And that cool binding - what is it called? I think it’s in one of my how-to books but I’ve never attempted it.


Piano hinge! I did a scrappy fabric binding like that with some of those fabric scrap beads I made. It’s a beautiful binding technique.

Both of these books are gorgeous with so much going on, they are just fabulous!
And so completely and utterly different from what I made… yikes, or yay?


Wow! @geekgirl and @thanate you both made awesome books and extras! So much to look at it in both of yours :heart:

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It’s the second thing I’ve done with a piano hinge binding, and I had to revise down the size of the sticks for the spine twice so I didn’t have to slice up too much of the page to fit them. But we both had things about books for holding ATCs in our questionnaires, and the advantage of the piano hinge is that even with small sticks, it leaves a lot of space for adding pockets and pasting stuff in.


@geekgirl to @thanate I love a book that opens fully and what wonderful pages and all the goodies. Wonderful.

@thanate to @geekgirl That binding is sweet, and the box is a great way to package it. Again, amazing pages and fun ephemera and goodies.

And I received from @loves2experiment a package also full of goodies. See photos. A Crafted by Hand stamp, steampunk gears/buttons, silver floss, the cutest little sewing fabric squares, ephemera, etc.

The journal cover is a beautiful scrappy, stitched wonder. The colors are perfect and it has a wonderful tactile feel.
Inside is a plethora of papers, ephemera, bits and bobs, and some pages have a history.

Thankyou @loves2experiment, it is simply AWESOME!


Wow again! :heart_eyes:

@loves2experiment that book is beautiful! I love the wrap around ribbon and button closure too