Mini notecards from a 6”x6” paper pad

I do some swapping on another site for small paper crafts (ATCs, tags, embellishments, etc) and it’s customary to include a small note or card with the swap details listed.

I needed a new batch of cards and so I made some using 6”x6” papers.
The notecards are just a 6x6 paper cut in half vertically. So each page game me 2 3”x6” pieces. Then I used a corner punch and rounded the corners and then folded in half.

I used a paper pad that I got on clearance when ACMoore went out of business. They were 70 cents each and I bought 1 of each design they had left even if I didn’t like the paper that much. This is some of that paper. Not really my style but at least I can put it to use.

And I also made envelopes. I did trim about 3/4” off each ending up with 5 1/4” squares to make my envelopes but could have left them 6x6 and have them a little large.
They don’t exactly match because the first papers were card stock thickness and it’s easier to fold envelopes out of thinner paper.


I really love the bee paper! This is a great idea for the smaller cardstock.

I have a book I’ve had for awhile now and not quite sure what to do with it. I’ve been wanting to make thank you cards for when I send things, so i may have to give this a try as well. I’ve made tinier ones, but I like to have variety!


I love the envelopes most. Its a great use for extra papers. Great find on the paper deal!

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Great idea to make a bunch and have them on hand ready to go :slight_smile:

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What a great way to use up great, but-not-your-style cardstock! They’re very nice and just right for your intended purpose.

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This is a great idea. I have a bunch of very occasion-specific paper that is now probably going to end up as envelopes.

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Those envelopes are fun!!