Mini Pocket Letter R2 Gallery

Very creative! Are those cutouts for the asteroids?

They are actually bits from a sun print I did a few years ago.


I received from @goatgoddesss!

Irish mythology! So fun and unique! I had heard of these before (but they are definitely not really mainstream, right?) and I love these renditions! And they are MINE! :grin: I also really enjoy the way she decorated the sleeve.

And the goodies:

Especially loving the ATC blanks and that tiny inchie (?) with the book and steaming mug… that’s bliss right there!

And the lovely letter… hit all the feels. :heart::heart:

Thank you.


Oh, I got behind on visiting this gallery and missed lots of pics, it’s amazing!!

@bluebird, the bears are just adorable, and beautiful drawing and depth of colour too!

@gozer your little town is spectacular and there are so many delightful little details to discover!

@Bunny1kenobi the flying pig band is fantastic - the drawings are great! and the spooky vintage ones are really neat!

@curiousfae the butterfly cards are so delicate and pretty! and the little grey hens are super sweet, lovely painted texture!

@GeekyBookworm the little mouse is just too cute! lovely drawing!

@goatgoddesss those Harry Potter ATCs are fabulous, what a fun set! and then the Irish mythology set is fantastic!

@Lynx the mini ATC story is brilliant, such a great mashup! and the calligraphy looks amazing!


Irish mythology is such a great theme! The banshee is terrifying and that pooka looks intense. Awesome PL @goatgoddesss

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@curiousfae those birds are so sweet!
@GeekyBookworm I love the pie story. Also, mini masterboards are a great stuffer idea; filing that away.
@goatgoddesss striking cards all around, and it was a cool idea to decorate the outside of the pocket.
@Lynx also a great story! I never expected to get swap anxiety over my letter, but here we are :laughing: .


I got mine from @geekgirl today, and it is a masterpiece! Seriously, these are the cards I have dreamed of. I love Louise and LOVE when she is dressed up. This pocket letter has Louise Belcher in three of her amazing Halloween costumes!
Peter Pans Labyrinth, Helen Hunt from Twister, and the Dragon with the Girl tattoo.

And she sent a ton of extras! A bunch of masterboards with some super cool transparent ones!

And amazing ephemera and stickers. The stickers are amazing. I don’t know if I could have given those away!

Thank you so much. These are some of the best cards I have ever gotten. You know me too well!


Oh my - what a spectacular package! The cards are brilliant, and @geekgirl’s gelli prints are just the best!!


Oh my! @geekgirl ! You nailed it. These are done so well. You captured her expression in every card. Bravo!!


Oh my gosh. So perfect for you!! Instantly recognizable and full of awesome goodies!


my computer burned up - due to electric line issues but anyways new laptop - giving me fit but I’m back got the most wonderful pocket atcs from Abbeeroad - its perfect - Harry Potter which is great - forgive my pics as I don’t have all of my software on the laptop yet. good grief I really have a long ways to go to learn this laptop


Oh no!! Electricity issues AND a burned up computer?!? Hope you are on the upswing now!!

I combined your HP and nature themes to do an Herbology themed trio. So funny we both did HP MPLs! :sparkles:


Great mashup idea and execution!

Who made the HP ATCs? I love that mandrake! The weathering on the cards really sets the mood too.

This latest set is by me. The paper is coffee dyed! It was a fun experiment.


Abbeeroad - I love that we both picked Harry Potter critters to do fab :slight_smile:


Great BB/HP cards, @geekgirl and @Abbeeroad! These are so fun.

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While my lazy bum of a PL continues moseying to Australia, @jemimah’s awesome package has arrived here.

Pocket letter with fun Australian trivia

Wider shot showing off the tassel

Pocket loot, including lots of painty fodder, stamps, and brads. The space paper is the note, filled with jemimah trivia :laughing:

Thanks so much, Kirsten!


Puggle! What a nice theme! Beautiful backgrounds.


I love those watercolor wonky bits! Gorgeous PL!