Mini Pocket Letter R2 Gallery

MPL by @Abbeeroad, picture by @Lynx

Swap Thread

Participant Partner Date Sent Partner
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geekgirl jemimah 9/6/23 In Progress.
geekgirl gozer 9/6/23
gozer geekgirl 8/22/23 8/25/23 yes Positive.
Abberoad goatgoddess 9/2/23 In Progress.
Lynx curiousfae 9/1/23 9/5/23 yes Positive.
jemimah geekgirl 9/7/23 In Progress.
jemimah Megwell 9/7/23
geekybookworm Bunny1kenobi 8/25/23 8/31/23 yes Positive.
curiousfae Lynx 8/21/23 8/25/23 yes Positive.
curiousfae bluebird 8/21/23 8/30/23 yes
Bunny1kenobi goatgoddess 8/21/23 8/24/23 yes Positive.
Bunny1kenobi geekybookworm 8/21/23 8/26/23 yes
Megwell jemimah 8/28/23 In Progress.
kwality570 bluebird 8/10/23 8/14/23 yes Positive.
goatgoddess Bunny1kenobi 9/2/23 9/7/23 yes Positive.
goatgoddess Abberoad 9/2/23 9/5/23 yes
bluebird curiousfae 8/18/23 8/23/23 yes Positive.

I received my pocket letter from @Kwality570! She went with my ‘moody’ theme and made this beautiful painting called ‘three crows’. I could not get a good image of the painting inside the plastic sleeve due to glare so I took them out to get a better photo. I love it, thank you!

And here is the back with all the little goodies:

and the goodies unpacked:

A sloth tag, bird decoupage paper, lots of cute stickers for happy mail envies, a deco paperclip, plastic ephemera, and some lovely and sturdy ‘made with :black_heart:’ tags. That bird paper is gorgeous, I’m looking forward to finding a way to use it! :slight_smile:

Thank you so much, @Kwality570! :slight_smile:


Wow, that’s so cool @Kwality570! So moody and painterly! Lovely goodies too :smile:

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That is seriously atmospheric, @Kwality570!

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oh wow @Kwality570 you really nailed “moody”

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Thanks, everyone! It was fun to make. I was excited to give my new palette knife technique a go with something different and darker. I made sure that you could tell what it was before I sent it by asking my husband. Since the birds ended up so tiny, I wasn’t sure if anyone would be able to tell. :slight_smile: There were soooo many layers, but by keeping the paint thin, it didn’t end up being bulky and they were still able to go into the holders.


Love it @Kwality570, it’s so moody. You captured it! I love your monsters, but I also love when you go off-script and just go wild. These are so kinetic and you incorporate textures in such a phenomenal way.

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Wow! You created such a striking scene @Kwality570! Love all the fun stuffing, too. :slight_smile:


Wow, really cool! @Kwality570 is getting really good at showing depth like that. I love it.


Argh! Those colors are so beautiful. I love how the three atcs span the whole length.

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Oh my goodness! I recd from @bluebird today.

She chose my pop culture mashup featuring The Peanuts gang as Bowie, Wednesday Addams and Batman. It’s so great and delightfully clever.

The backs were filled with awesome atc blanks with several different types of specialty papers. What a great way to try out some different types of papers. Fantastic idea! Also included are some ephemera curated just for me: vintage ads, galaxy designs and a beautiful set of tiny Tarot stickers. So cool!
She also added some really neat mixed media lips made by @Smmarrt with thoughtful sentiments on them.

Lastly, she added a fun note via pen pal style (my fave) sharing some of her favorite things and fun questions like: what kind of Dino would you be? Can you guys guess what hers might be? :t_rex: :bird:?

Thanks again bluebird! It’s always a joy swapping with you.


Those are hilarious and very very clever!

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Wow, what a cool set @bluebird! Those cards are so cute and fun, and beautifully drawn!

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What an awesome mashup!! Love the creativity.

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Amazing mash-up, @bluebird! So clever.

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Thanks, everyone! :slight_smile: I had a lot of fun making them for you, @curiousfae! The pop culture mashup is such a fun prompt to do!

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this is amazing @bluebird you really got the Peanuts look down.

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@bluebird - Those are so cute! Instantly recognizable!

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I received the most amazing package from @bluebird that I got to open on my birthday. I am so happy to share this adorable little trio of bears.

The little hat and scarves are just too cute. I love the texture and the little bears doing a cheers with their coffee. I love fall and it reminds me that cooler weather is coming.

The stuffing in the back included some awesome ATC blanks in various different papers for me to try, lots of stickers, a fun little About Me note, and a fun little piece she got from @Smmarrt.

A very wholehearted, sincere thank you to you! I love them so very, very much.


The toasting bears :heart_eyes:! Another adorable set, @bluebird.