Mini Waffle Machine Recipe Ideas!

Let’s post all of our ideas here :smiley:


This is definitely going to encourage me to use the one my husband got in his Christmas stocking last year :smiley:.


I might have to get one


Wait…is this a thing, really? I just picked one up for my cousin for Christmas yesterday, but had never seen them before then. Yay for being inadvertently on-trend!


I’m just going to use my normal electric waffle machine with the mini recipes :wink:

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I made normal waffles in mine. On the thick side. Split it in half and made an ice cream sandwich

I mixed shredded hashbrowns with an egg and some cheese and cooked them the the waffle maker. Really good.

I made a waffle made with blizted oatmeal but It needs some work.

@rhinoceroses made samosa waffles! Using mashed potato, peas, carrots, curry powder, and egg


I love the idea of the savoury ones!

I love this YouTube channel for keto ideas, but these are good chaffles either way :wink:


I have always wanted to try chaffles but haven’t gotten around to it. Have you tried them? Any tips?

My staples for waffles are fruit and chocolate chips, but I’m jonesing for a monte Cristo mini waffle


I have made them, and they are delicious!!

I just followed the basic recipe of 1 egg and 1/2 cup Mozarella and that worked well.

In all honesty, they are a bit of a pain to clean up :stuck_out_tongue: but maybe that’s just all waffle makers??


Buy a can of refrigerated cinnamon roll dough and make those in the waffle maker. They turn out deliciously crispy and if you use the icing, it pools into the little waffle “holes.” Such a good treat!


What a deliciously decadent idea! Now I’m thinking of other Pilsbury products to try this with (okay, more like one product in particular). Cookie dough waffle cookies anyone?

Following cause I need mini waffles in my life.

Thank you @geekgirl for mentioning your waffle maker yesterday and being the inspiration of this thread. Thank you @PrincessP for creating this thread!

I bought a mini waffle maker for my husband’s Christmas stocking last year and since then we’ve used it a handful of times to make regular waffles. I never thought of using it to cook my eggs or anything like the chaffles that @Tanath mentioned. After seeing the super easy recipe that PrincessP posted earlier (1 egg, 1/2 cup of cheese) I thought I’d give it a try for today’s breakfast. The mixture made enough for 2 waffles. I added bacon bits to one and pickled jalapeños to the other. Both came out pretty tasty! I think this is going to become a go to breakfast for me.

@PrincessP, are you using cooking spray on your waffle maker before making the cheesy egg waffles? I did and it makes for easy cleanup.

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It was @PrincessP that brought up the chaffles, I was just helping with the pronunciation :slight_smile:
Now I’ll have to try them too, we love cheese :cheese:

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I can’t wait to try those too.

I use this recipe for waffles, the special ingredient in this recipe is almond meal instead of part of the flour.

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Now I feel lame just making mostly regular waffles in ours! We usually make all our waffles protein waffles by adding protein powder. Sometimes we’ll make chocolate chip or berry waffles. We made apple cinnamon waffles once that were really good. Don’t buy Eggos anymore after getting it, we just make our own!
I’ll have to check out some of the more exotic recipes.
It’s funny, we added it to our wedding registry, not as a joke, but just because we thought it was adorable, but didn’t really expect much since we also had regular waffle maker. We use the mini one so much more!

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Apple cinnamon waffles sound delicious!

This sound so simple and so good.

both sound like great additions

this sounds like a good recipe. will have to try it.

My friend @jeanneleigh made cornbread in hers.

I also tried brownie mix. I measured out 1 serving of brownie mix and added in a touch of water and a tsp of oil and it didn’t seem like enough mix so I added in flour and an egg white. it was ok. I need to work on it some more.

2 more ideas I want to try:

  • potato cakes
  • and some homemade biscuit dough

I like not having to heat up the oven for one serving of something.


Definitely going to try the cinnamon roll idea! And @geekgirl’s hashbrowns.