Miniature Bar Food and Drinks

I finished these yesterday. They are components of a future project I have in mind. The cocktails are made from resin with poly clay cane slice garnishes. The apple slices are also from canes. The cheese and grapes were sculpted from poly clay. I kind of love them.


Love the miniature drinks!

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Shut up! These are so neat!


That’s the perfect tiny New Year’s Eve party!

Really, really beautifully done! I love the color variation you got on the apple skins, and the texture you got on the inside of the cheeses.

:star_struck: Those drinks and the apples!!!

These are too cute! Love the cheese and apples!

holy cheeseamoly! This is an amazing spread, I’m kinda in love with the cheese and grapes too :heart_eyes:

The teeny orange slices! The grapes! The shapes are so lovely on each individual piece, they look very realistic.

Just in time for a little New Year’s nibble n’ sip!

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I am so hungry right now thanks to this :laughing: You are inspiring me to try to make some mini scenes of mexican food for a good friend (this will be an xmas gift for next year so I have time…).

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How great! Hit me up if you need to know how to make a mini margarita!


Yes please! :grin::tropical_drink:

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I get the little cocktail glasses on Amazon. Salt the rim by gluing on some micro fine clear glitter. The cocktail would be made from Ice Resin tinted with the smallest dot of green oil paint and the lime garnish would be a slice of a lime polymer clay cane, also available from Amazon. Have fun!


I will be storing away this little nugget of knowledge for this future project…or I could spend NYE sourcing supplies for it instead…hmmmm, choices.


Can I come over?

Um … YES!

Yay! I will bring a notebook and ask you all the mini questions. That cheese!

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Wow, I love these! :heart_eyes:

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