Miniature crime board

Made a little murder investigation board the other day

I used a 4x6 wooden picture frame, inserted some cork, then added a slew of murder headlines, and, of course, red string.

I was kind of sad to learn that these boards are pretty much a Hollywood invention BOO!!!


Oh my gosh, this is excellent!

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I love this!! And now, I am sad again that Criminal Minds has ended. But, this is fantastic…Hoolywood3 invention or not.

I love this!

This is the best! Love it so, so much!

I love this so much, thank you for sharing it with us!

It’s exceedingly well-done! But I have so many questions…
What size is it?
Where do you display it?
What inspired you to make it?

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this is the coolest miniature i’ve ever seen!!!

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So cool!!

It is 4"x6"

Right now it’s just lazing on a table top, but I might need to make a detective office for it to hang in

I’m a true crime nut! I’ve always had a thing for creepy murder tales.


I watch a lot of true crime. ID is on constant rotation with Oxygen. And this is mini!

I am very interested to see where this leads you next…

(Hahah! See what I did there??)


This is so cool! Love it!

Knickertwiiiiiist! Always a joy to see you and what you create. This is delightful.

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Ok, that is seriously cool!


@Knickertwist, this is adorable. And grizzly. But mostly adorable. :wink:

And welcome to LC @Craftbenchmodels!

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@Knickertwist!!! I’m so happy to see you here, and I love the crime board! This is AWESOME!!

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Hollywood invention or not, you did a fantastic job representing one! Detective shows are my favorite television genre, and I always love to see how the crime boards are laid out so differently on each one- it speaks to the mind of the detective. And yes, you absolutely should make a detective office (or crime lab) to continue the theme!

I think whether a Hollywood invention or not, your project is adorable and fun. I might make one.

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I need this in my life! LOVE IT!

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Congrats on being picked as one of this week’s featured projects! You are RAD!

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