Miniature Folio

I have been on a miniature paper project binge lately. I love interactive miniatures so I made this little folio with files and letters.

LETTUCE CRAFT NOTE: This project was crafted and donated to the Craft Stars Fundraiser! It is available via online auction until Saturday, February 8. For more information, please visit the auction listing. :two_hearts:


I love this. Paper + miniature = awesome.


Goodness me, that is the sweetest little thing!! I’m loving all your little paper treasures :heart::sparkles:

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Love love love it! You make me want to try one.

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So cute and handy for…tiny tiny papers :laughing:

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Teensy weensy in scale, gigantically charming!

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Love every tiny detail! Fun!

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I love it!

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Oh my, how cute is that?

It’s soooo tiny!! Adorable!

So sweet! I love that it as a little bitty calendar page!

How adorable! I love all the bits and bobs you included in your mini folio :slight_smile:

Very nice!

Folios are cute when they are normal size, but a miniature is even CUTER! I love the different pattern colours

SO TINY! You are my inspiration!

I should just reply
I … LOVE … this
on all your miniature items :smiley:

But that would get boring so I’ll try to be more creative.

Awww! Thanks! I am having way too much fun crafting little items.

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OMG, stop. The wee folio is killing me with cuteness.

Wowzers! Itty bitty incredible cuteness!

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