Mixing & Matching Tim Holtz Bold Text Dies

I recently splurged on 3 sets of Tim Holtz’s Bold Text dies and immediately concocted ideas for mixing up the sentiments! Teehee!

Of course, it was only a matter of time before things skewed a tiny bit naughty.

They take quite a bit longer to make than I thought they would, mostly because I feel compelled to use the negative and positive of the die cuts most of the time.

I have a list of others to make, but I had other things to make and do! And I imagine I’ll probably end up getting any new sets of the Bold Text dies which will only lead to more silliness!


Lol-ing at “I’m here for the ween”. :rofl: But these are all great, and cool idea to minimize waste.


These are really cute! Clever!

Thanks, pals!

This is funny! You are a mad genius!

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Very clever new phrases, and I also love the papers you used. They look great!

Hee hee! Fun!

Thanks, y’all!

Thanks! I have a ridiculous number of Halloween pads, so this was a fun way to use some of them.


Omg, I love them! I think ‘Focus on the pocus’ is my favorite.


I like Focus on the Pocus best too.
I love that you took a straight forward craft and twisted it to make it your own. You elevated this in such an amazing way!


Thanks, friends!

I, too, am here for the Ween! :joy: