Mommy and me nails

My 4yo is obsessed with nail polish lately.
I guess many little girls are.

I did her nails occasionally but prefer not to, and she mostly paints them with crayons.

But now her piano teacher, who happens to be my brother, suggested that we paint her nails and color the music sheets in the same color to make things easier for the start.

Well, that probably made him her new best friend and she requests me doing her nails every week before her lesson because “she can play so much better” with colored nails.

This week I decided to do matching nails for both of us and she was thrilled.

Of course there had to be a unicorn sticker somewhere.


So cute!!! What a lucky little girl :heart:

That is the sweetest thing I’ve eve seen!

This makes me insanely happy. Now I want to do my nails.

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I really like doing my nails on the weekends.
I find it extremely relaxing and can still add a bit of creativity to it.
I even thought about starting a “show of your nails” thread.

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You should start one!


That’s a genius piano teaching hack! Love it!


Awwwww. This is so sweet.

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Super adorable!!! And smart!

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It works extremely well and I can improve her motivation by promising to buy new nail polish :wink:


Aw, I love this! My girl is older now but we used to have such fun painting nails.
I second the idea of you starting a topic, that would be cool.
My Pigeon does some amazing make up now, she wants to get into special effects make up. She’s good!


@kittykill, @Magpie I started the new thread.