Show of your nails

Share your creations if you like doing your nails.

Here’s what I did last weekend:

Nothing fancy but colorful.

Here are my daughter’s

There’s a separate post here.


This gives me incentive to do my nails this weekend. Stay tune!

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Love that matchy-matchy!

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I used those nail stickers or wraps. I love them, especially around Halloween. Right now they are boring glitter green, but after these come off, I will post up some cute ones.

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Oh I’m looking forward to seeing them.

I just bought some glitter and plain ones because I always wanted to try some.


That’s very cute, and a clever idea for the piano lessons.
I just had a vision of adding white m stickers for an M&M’s look :smiley:


I have some of those too. I am going to put them in this week.


Okay. Here’s my nails. They are super short right now.

I use nail wraps. I got these from Lily & Fox. $2.99 delivered and so much fun!


Here are mine. I found some lady mail stickers and decided to do them for Easter.


@gozer, @kittykill those nail wraps are so much fun.

Here’s what I did over the Easter weekend:


So festive!

Very cute.
I ruined my thumbnail with acetone. I need to replace them with fresh ones.

I have a coworker that sells color street so decided to give them a try. Maybe not the smartest thing I’ve done with 2 three year olds but it sure looks cool!

Mine match of course. One hand pink and one hand blue. :laughing:

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Ack! Little hands! Such cute designs

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That’s so cute!

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