Monster Coloring Zine & Feltie

I made these for a prize pack in the Monster Jam craft-along. We run the craft-a-long each March so if you couldn’t join this year, get ready for next year!

I made several copies of the coloring zine. For the first round I used very heavy cardstock, but I don’t think I needed that much thickness. Their next round will still be made from cardstock, but I lighter version.
They are printed one sided so you can use markers too. I went though some of my old ATCs and recreated them and made some new, original monsters too.
Here’s a sneak peak of a couple of the pages, but not all so to keep something as a surprise.
A Monday’s loving cloved monster.

an extraterrestrial monster. You might not consider them monsters, but if they were abducting you every night, you would. Trust me.

A monster just hanging on the farm.

And I guess an anthropomorphic lettuce is technically a monster! Yay LC!

And I also made an adorable little feltie to travel along with it. It’s about 4" or so tall with gold glitter safety eyes and long arms just waiting for a hug.

Monster Jam 2024


Bus load of cuteness aboard!! The coloring pages are adorable but the jester/king/queen type monster on the front cover just makes me smile a mile.

Lucky recepient


The coloring pages are awesome and I love the little felt monster!


These drawings are awesome! What a great idea for a zine AND for a prize!


Super, super cute!

I think I need that zine in my life…. :heart:

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Wow, what a crazy cute little prize package! :heart: :heart:

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Thanks, everyone! I printed about six of them, so I plan to throw them in as extras in future swaps. I enjoyed making them and plan to make a couple more as extras for swaps with different themes.

These are so cool!! I love the lettuce!!!

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