Monster greetings!

I made notecards for the kids in my church class, just so they know we’re thinking of them. I am really loving masterboards!! It may be time to make more… :thinking:

They’ll be delivered tonight or tomorrow.



These are so cute! The 3-eyed one is my personal favorite. They all are so unique and have such personality. Not to mention, they look so happy. I like the idea of reaching out to the youth in your church too. Awesome project all the way around.
PS. Glad to snuck into Monster Jam 2020 just under the wire!

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Thanks, @gozer!

Oh, those are the sweetest!

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These are cute! Nice of you to send them out to your class. Bet they love them!

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These are so wonderful! What a special treat for your Sunday School kiddos!

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Thanks, guys!