More cloth napkins

I decided to make more cloth napkins after my first batch
This was stash busting. I had not piece of fabric bigger than a fat quarter and very little coordinating fabric. Some of them are a little wonky but they’re for wiping my mouth so it’s not a big deal.

I think I’m all set for a while.

And the back sides

And the backs


I like that teal and bronze one!

It’s funny how your color preferences shine through!

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You will be ready for any food disaster or drop! Nice collection!

Aw, look at the little hedgehogs! Those big flowers are pretty awesome, too.

Those fabrics look great together. I don’t even have fat quarters in my stash, it’s mostly scrappy, lol. Maybe patchwork napkins wouldn’t be too bad?

Love how cheerful they are!

Those are great… and hedgehogs, be still my heart!

Wow, you really ARE set for a while! Nice fabric choices!