Cloth napkins

I wanted to make my own cloth napkins.
I saw standard sizes range from 16” to 21” square.
I had some fat quarters that measured 18.5” so to save time in measuring and cutting I decided to use that size. After making one it seemed so huge I decided to make them much smaller and made 4 that are 8” square.

I’m going to try these out and see how I like them and them make some more. I’m thinking somewhere between 12”-16” in size is what I’ll eventually end up using.

These fabrics are all fat quarters I had in stash. I don’t have a huge fabric stash. And I don’t have a huge variety in thread so used all navy blue thread.


What a great “green” project! Even though they’re all different, I think the colours work together well.


I agree with @wittychild, the colors complement each other well!

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The napkins are two sides. Like the orange one is brown on the back and the brown one has the pink fabric on the back. Etc.


love the color scheme and a useful project. Yay for using up stash too!

These came out great! Well done @geekgirl. We’ve been using cloth napkins for years, and you could never convince me to go back to paper.

Cloth napkins are the best! What a great use of fat quarters!!

I personally like a napkin that is 18" square. I have others that are 16" and some that are 14". The 14" ones were Egyptian cotton and ended up being my husband’s favorite handkerchiefs for many years!

I like the different colors and patterns.
I have napkins that my mom embroidered for me in fancy script so there is one for me, my husband, my son, and two Guest napkins (we rarely have more than two guests at a time).

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I love cloth napkins and use them multiple times a day - both for dining as well as needed throughout the day. I predict you will need more! And these are awesome colors!!

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They look good! When we had guests in the days BC, I had a basket of cloth napkins that people could pick out their own napkins…eventually, they all seemed to have “disappeared”…so make lots… :slight_smile:

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What a great idea! I love dressing my table with cloth napkins, but for some reason it had never occurred to me to make my own. Yours are gorgeous!

That’s a fantastic idea, eco-conscious and you never know when paper towel and napkins will be on the list of hard to find paper products! And I love the mis-matched multi-pattern and colour scheme.
I’m also sewing squares of fabric, flannel. But it will be for wiping … the other cheeks. Once we install our bidet attachment :joy:


I always feel so fancy when I use cloth napkins
My sister-in-law uses place mats with coordinating napkins every.single.meal She’s a beast and I love it!

I will definitely be making more and different sizes. I have a bad habit of eating snacks and stuff off paper towels instead of a plate. The small 8” napkins I made will be perfect for using as plate substitutes and then I’ll probably end up making some 12” ones to see how I like them.

They will all be scrappy and mismatched. I don’t have any fabric bigger than a fat quarter.

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I started using my microwave bowl holders as snack holders…they are a nice size to hold chips, mm’s, and other dry snacks…I guess I could put a bowl in it…but I am using them like washable paper plates!

“Do you want to keep your napkin?” is heard after every meal in our house, meaning “Is your cloth napkin clean enough to reuse, or were you a messy slob again?”

I’m impressed you did such a lovely job on yours.

That’s a good idea.