More foam stamps

After my first try at making foam stamps I decided to make some more. these are smaller than the first batch. More for adding in some smaller details than for backgrounds.

This one was made using all the little bits I had leftover


I really like this batch! Great idea to use the scraps to make a stamp, too. Lots of interesting shapes in there to add plenty of interest to your pages. How is your first batch holding up? And, how small are they compared to the first set? Have you tried using them with your gelli plate, yet?

these are easily 1/4 the size or less of the first batch. the first batch was pretty large - easily covered 1/2 or more of a standard notebook page

I have not tried with the gelli plate yet! but I’ve used them a few times and they are working just fine.

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Thanks for the info! I still haven’t come across my foam sheets (I think I may have taken them into school for projects). Did you make any with the extra thick foam?

no these were just the normal thin sheets.

Nice! Can’t wait to see what you make with them.

I might have some door hangers that were supposed to be turned into hall passes (probably never, at this point), and they’re thicker foam, I think. They might be harder to cut, but should still work. Might have to play around with them this weekend, if I can find them.

I can imagine the layering that you’ll get with the 2 sizes of stamps. And, I like that they don’t always give a perfect, crisp impression because I like when the background layers peek through.

Love this, gotta try it!