Making foam stamps

These are not made out of paper but are FOR paper crafting so I felt they belonged on the paper board.

I have tons of stencils for paper crafting - I cut them on my cricut. It’s a cheap way to get a lot of variety (if you already have a cricut)
But I don’t have a lot of stamps and what I have aren’t really generic background stamps.

So I saw some videos on making them out of fun foam sheets. it looked super easy. The videos I saw used sticker backed foam sheets but I couldn’t find any but I have all kinds of glue so bought non-stickered sheets.

Tip: I tried several glues and the best glue I found was a Scotch glue pen which is my favorite paper crafting glue.

These are not the neatest but they are just for me so I didn’t worry about it.
They take a few hours to dry. if you try to use them before that the pieces slide around. I used a brayer to get the paint on them but you could probably use a paint brush or makeup sponge.

the more paint you use, the more coverage. but I liked the distressed look esp as these will mostly be used for backgrounds, etc.


This is great. I struggle with background patterns because I like to make my own patterns, I never thought to create larger foam based patterns. Very nice!

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It was super easy to do and I got a giant pack of foam for less than $10 and I didn’t even get 1/4 of the way through the pack

That pink and yellow one SCREAMS 80s to me!!! It’s amazing!!!

Very cool project to make stamps.


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These are super cool! Great way to really cover a lot of paper all at once and with a totally custom design!

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You’ve inspired me to raid my son’s craft supplies! :laughing:

These are great! And I want to try too (as if I need more masterboard making supplies…) :grin: Thanks for sharing!!!

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These are really cool. They remind me of textile printing samples I’ve seen in books from the 70’s. Big, bold, curvy shapes, in muted tones. (Because the images were usually black and white in those books). :smiley:


If you shop at Michaels, they have patterned fun foam. Oooh, la la - the possibilities!

Oohh this is very clever. You’ve got me thinking of possibilities for large scale cricut cut foam, to do some fabric printing. I’m thinking of maybe nano tape to stick foam onto clear blocks for positioning.

I love how bold the shapes are! Now, I really need to make a concerted effort to locate my fun foam…

Oh mannnnn… when I moved I got rid of a big stack of self adhesive fun foam!!! :sob:

These turned out so great! I really want to try this!!!

So that’s what you can do with those!
What a great idea! I love the results!

Clever! The paper turned out really neat.

The designs have a great mid century vibe.
They don’t have to be used only on paper; I did something similar for a wall mural.

These are great! I really love how simple shapes can turn into something much more dramatic when you put them together…thanks for the tutorial…