More nugget animals! My own designs

6 days until my vendor event! I think I have enough stock, so I’m just working on filling in the thin spots wherever I can.

I made a cockatoo to go with my cockatiel, and of course an axolotl family.


Aaaaaaaaaaaaa the axolotl family!!!

Soooo cute!! :slight_smile:

Awww, very cute!

They are so adorable. I predict you will sell out!

So, SO very cute.

Oh they are just precious!!

I love the axolotls especially.

These are so cute. SQUEEEEE AXOLOTYLS!

These are the cutest!!!

Super cute!

These are amazing! I wish I could see your booth in person. It is going to be amazing. Love those little Axolotyls!!!

Congratulations! :tada: :tada: :tada:
Your adorable craft is a Featured Project! Thank you for sharing your talent and creativity with us!

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These are adorable!!!

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They are so cute! Did you paint the shiny white parts in their eyes? I haven’t seen any plastic eyes that come that way. It would be a game changer.

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Oh my goodness these are so cute :heart_eyes: I especially love the little birdie!

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That little axolotl crew is too cute and so is the cockatoo. You’re going to have such a great time!

I hope you update us with a photo of all of the cuteness at your booth once it’s all set up! I’d love to see everything you’ve made together.

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These are actually from Amazon, just search “kawaii safety eyes.” There are a few varieties.


Here’s my booth! I did… ok at the market. Unfortunately, there was another crochet toy maker there who had her items priced a lot lower. She can set her prices however she wants, but there’s no way she was even covering materials, much less paying for her time. It’s frustrating but I won’t compromise.

I was able to make a $28 donation to the humane society, so that was cool. And I was so surprised- I didn’t sell a single gummy worm :sob: Tons of people loved them, gushed over them, and passed them over. Ah well.


That’s crazy about the gummy worms! They’re amazing! I love your little adoption center!!!